How’s this to a)spoil your appetite at breakfast if it happened to your toast b)be begging for all kinds of interpretations (you’re free to share some in comments) c)be something his followers may declare as a sign and others declare as a sign of the end of the world? Osama bin Laden’s face has appeared on a piece of toast in Great Britain:

For almost a decade there were no sightings of Osama Bin Laden.

He remained hidden from the Western world until he was tracked down by Navy SEALs last month.

But now it seems the terror leader has popped up in Britain – from a toaster in the West Midlands.

A man was about to butter the slice of toast when he spotted the likeness of the Al Qaeda leader appearing from beyond the grave.

Bin Laden’s beard and moustache can be made out, and the piercing stare is also there..

According to the Daily Star, the man said: ‘He was always a sandwich short of a picnic.’

Go to the link to see the copyrighted photo of the image.

As The Daily Mail points out, Jesus Christ’s face has appeared in unusual venues over the years.

Actually, it would have been more ironic if bin Laden’s face appeared on my toasted bagel.

Then it could have been obliterated with cream cheeses and a big slab of lox.

(Stay tuned as we get a future report of bin Laden’s face more fittingly appearing in a pre-flushed toilet.)

JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
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  • Bob Munck

    obliterated with cream cheeses and a big slab of lox.

    That’s a very dangerous attitude.

    Excessive lox on your bagel can ruin it. I find that the best approach is to follow the following order:

    1. Bagel
    2. Schmear
    3. Onion
    4. Single thin slice of lox
    5. Capers
    6. Second thin slice of lox

    (No frou-frou tomato for me.) Obviously, the lox holds the capers in place. Sure, you can push them into the creme cheese, but I like some distance between the onion and capers.