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Posted by on Oct 22, 2009 in Media, Politics | 10 comments

Proof Mike Pence Is Running For President?


There has been increasing speculation that Indiana Rep. Mike Pence is gearing up to run for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination. But we now have proof?

It certainly sounds like he is actively bowing down to courting Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

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  • TheMagicalSkyFather

    So the guy who fashioned himself a libertarian in the 90’s to get radio listeners and then ran as a republican and now acts like every other talking point republican is now planning on running for president as republican. Lol well he will give me a more high profile person to compare to Beck I suppose.

  • DLS

    Others have noted this practice before; I’m the one this time. This thread was presented misleadingly.

    The story itself concentrates on the real issue, that there are attacks by the libs and Dems on dissent, which currently involves misconduct toward (and misstatements about) certain individuals as well as much of the public, which is what Pence was actually noting, and this was not only valid defense of the righty talkers and the public (which is not “courting” [sic]), but primarily (ahem) about criticizing those engaging in this misconduct (and mischaracterizing the dissent).

    I suppose it’s easier to describe such a thing in a misleading manner when only a link is provided, rather than quotes the way others start their threads, which illustrate the essence of what they’re writing about.

  • DLS

    The essence of what Pence said is here.

    The mainstream already defends the talkers and has contempt for the attacks, or at least understands it.

    Despite what they and some on this site may try to do, it can’t be concealed or distorted without notice.

    “Goaded on by a White House increasingly intolerant of criticism, lately the national media has taken aim at conservative commentators in radio and television.”

    “So to my friends in the so-called ‘mainstream media’ I say, ‘conservative talk show hosts may not speak for everybody but they speak for more Americans than you do.’”

    • TheMagicalSkyFather

      They are asking those they branded terrorist sympathizers to come save them now that someone is calling them liars. Problem is they are liars, and the MSM was not and are not terrorist sympathizers, see lying is the difference well that and Fox’s 9 month memory.

  • I’m not saying it’s an impossibility, but he seems like a long shot. Even if the country were trending back conservative, I don’t think it’s trending that conservative. I’m not sure Pence even has middle of the road rhetoric.

  • DLS

    “I don’t think it’s trending that conservative”

    “Center-right country” remains a correct assessment of the mainstream, subject to all kinds of dishonesty from the Left but nevertheless correct. This doesn’t involve any Religious Right or secular “social conservative” stereotype or Limbaugh or his many imitators, some louder or truly provocative (Coulter, as a career strategy), much less the distorted objects of pathological hatred of the Left; most people aren’t that way at all. They merely reject the radical elements of leftism as well as many elements of the pre-1960s modern welfare-state liberalism that have been long discredited (big government types of things, in general), as illustrated by rejection of too-much-wrong in 1980 and in 1994
    (and rewarding or favoring those things good or less harmful than the alternatives, in other elections of note). Part of it derives from our heritage of libertarianism and individuality, as well, and the rest can be largely explained as maturation, experience, and developed and acquired wisdom (we outgrow naive and angry-child liberalism of youth). This is the same public that may become more conservative as it ages (and experiences more misconduct by liberals in public office), but also features a middle class as well as a poor population hooked on entitlements, and made dependent on them to a large extent. The public also may reject massive federal takeover and other lunatic measures some seek, but is quite widely in favor of regulation (notably of business) where it is appropriate, all the way down to zoning and excess demands for traffic signals and other traffic control devices at the local level.

  • DLS

    Will Johnston: If you’re a liberal, don’t despair. This is not 1993, i.e., next year’s elections aren’t set up to be like 1994. On the other hand, if you’re a “progressive” farther left, even though ObamaCo has gone far to the left, to many it’s not far enough (with health care reform, they are angry he’s not pushing at full strength for the public option publicly, for example). But take heart, these people seem encouraged to do as much as they can, as they clumsily feel their way farther left here and there, step by step.

  • ksb43

    “Center Right”. I hear this one a lot. Is there any real data to back it up? Certainly some areas of the country are more right than others, but is the country as a whole center right? Anyone?

  • superdestroyer

    Who cares? The idea that President Obama could lose in 2012 is laughable. The most likely scenerio is a 50 state rout against some pathetic Republican candidates who will be overwhelmed. 2008 will go down in history as the last election where the Republican candidate was relevant and that was only because the media insisted that McCain was relevant. The legacy of President Bush is that he will be the last Republican president.

  • DLS

    ” Is there any real data to back it up? Certainly some areas of the country are more right than others, but is the country as a whole center right?”

    All you have to do is open your eyes and ears and be objective. As far as stances by the public overall on various issues, Pew is a source I’ve used before. Not everything it produces can be retrieved; on one or two threads months ago I posted a Pew report that showed the political spectrum, and the “center-right” correct characterization of the public. (It rejects farther-left precepts that so many liberals view either with support or as perhaps too much, but still understandable or marginally acceptable — such as promptly extending Medicare to everyone currently, and even the “public option” incrementalism, as well as other controversial things sought by the lib Dems this year in Washington, have been rejected and opposed by the public). The Pew reports featured graphs that revealed the nature of the public, though depiction of where they placed the various Dem and GOP primary contestants, not only Dem and GOP voters, but the voting public overall, which was notably closer to the GOP voter diagram.

    That the USA is not monolithic (or more precisely, homogeneous) is obvious and just because it is center-right (rejects the far left, as it routinely has) is not negated by this. (The variation in partisan voting, a surrogate for political variability, is a fascinating topic in its own right, best shown by various “purple state” maps or cartograms, the latter of which can also illustrate relative population size, for example.)

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