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Posted by on Feb 15, 2007 in At TMV | 12 comments

President Limbaugh

Hot Air has a video up of it.

This is not even remotely funny.

Bob Cesca agrees. As does Ace who suspects that the writers of the show are liberals “deliberately sabotaging the show, or so horribly out of touch with conservative opinion as to have no real idea what a conservative might find funny, or — likeliest of all — convinced conservatives are abject morons who will not get a joke unless it’s seltzer-down-the-pants woca-woca-woca sledgehammer obvious.”

Although he becomes milder in an update (no Ace it really is that bad).

Think Progress has a promo up. Really, this is just unbelievably humorless. Even when someone deliberately tries not to be funny, one will always be funnier than this.

Also read what Taylor Marsh has to say about this ‘comedy’ show.

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  • Lynx

    Well that’s 2 minutes I’ll never recover. If you’re going to be that not funny you might as well be offensive, make it worth my while, but even the more offensive parts were, well, dull. There must be some conservative comedian that does good satire, but these two sure aren’t the ticket. But forgive them, we have one man on medication and a lady who should be on medication, you shouldn’t expect much.

  • C Stanley

    Very dumb, but who cares? I guess if I thought this type of programming might be a chance for Fox to redeem itself, I might be more upset about the poor quality- but I’m beyond thinking that this will happen and would rather just ignore this stuff so that it will more quickly become irrelevant.

  • truflo

    Stewart is a success because he’s anti hypocrisy (and there’s plenty of that on both sides of the aisle), not anti republican. However, the Republicans do make life easy for even bad comics, so not allowing your script writer’s touch them makes a comic’s life harder

    For Stewart, there’s no such embargo. No one will stop him running an item which has Douglas Feith explaining to anyone who will listen that he was simply critiquing CIA intelligence debunking the notion that Saddam was linked to Al Qaeda, not making a case for the existence of such a link, was neatly exposed as an outright lie by quoting the title of the memo sent to the Bush admin: The Link Between Iraq And Al Qaeda: Making The Case.

    If it wasn’t so funny it would be tragic, or should that be the other way round?

  • mikkel

    If the show is more like this clip instead of the one at Hot Air it might not be too bad. I thought that was almost as goodbad as SNL.

  • “Very dumb, but who cares?”
    Indeed. Yawn.

  • AustinRoth

    Just as Air America couldn’t just recreate the success of Limbaugh, and as much as you may like him or hate him, he has legitimate talent at what he does, the same is equally true for John Stewart.

    It isn’t the format, it isn’t left vs. right, it is ability and it is legitimacy. They both created their shows and constituencies organically and over time.

  • dj

    Well. That was certainly lame.

    I know some conservatives who are actually funny. I guess the Fox producers don’t.

  • On Ace’s assessment.

    Liberals are to blame for this??????

    What the responsibility for the 9/11 attacks as well as the decline of western civilization aren’t enough?

    That’s us liberals: busy, busy, busy.


    Why should we be surprised that the show targets abject morons who will not get a joke unless it’s seltzer-down-the-pants woca-woca-woca sledgehammer obvious?

    I thought that was the main FoxNews demographic.


  • Uncle Joe Mccarthy

    neither clip is funny as it appears neither fox nor conservatives understand what makes for good comedy

    rush used to understand it, but then he became a shill for the repugs and his humor went out the door (as did his scruples when he admitted to being a water carrier for the party)

    and in the clip, coulter proves that she doesnt know what makes for good satire, proving that none of her writings have anything to do with satire, they are just mean spirited trype.

    i predict that within the first 3 months of the show, they will be stooping to racial jokes….guaranteed

  • Sam

    I think its pretty funny to think a guy that couldn’t last 1 night on live TV could last even that long on the campaign trail. His VP should have been Mike Savage though.

  • C Stanley

    What Austin Roth said. When has there ever been a copycat show that was any good? Funny that Rush should get involved with this, actually, because he should have learned the lesson that Air America proved when it failed in its attempt to create a mirror image of his successful show (that’s not meant to be praise of his show, in case anyone is wondering- but he is good at what he does and has been undeniably successful)

  • That felt like it was produced by 7th graders in A/V class. I know a couple funny conservatives, too — but ideological fundamentalists and humor don’t mix. They’re not the conservative versions of Stewart, they’re the conservative mirror of that kid who yells at you for not following “if it’s yellow, let it mellow.”

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