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  • It’s kind of like watching Barney Fife weigh in on quantum mechanics or Boss Hogg speculate on the ethical ramifications of genetic engineering.

    And to think, Bush still has two years and change to go as president.


  • Salmenio

    Yes he is “out of it”! If I behaved like this jackass my wife would me committed.

    His party has solved NOT ONE problem and indeed has caused several more!

  • jjc

    Even by Bush’s standards, this was an unsettling performance. He appears to understand nothing, nor to care.

    We Americans are all hapless passengers with this dangerous fool at the wheel.

  • DanielR

    I don’t think anyone would assert that Bush is a brilliant thinker. I think he is a simple-minded, black-and-white thinker.

    This isn’t always bad.

    There can be a lot of power in this type of thinking. It allows for the quick execution of clearly identified objectives and can be highly motivating to the portion of population that love to follow authority (which is more of us than we would like to admit).

    He has made up for his personal incapacities by surrounding himself with clever people. However, he selected these people poorly because they had strong alterior motives and fed him false information on which to make his simplistic decisions, such as the neocons &Iraq. With different people in the room, his objectives and policymaking would have been quite different.

    Unfortunately, reducing terrorism and resolving the Israel/Palestinan conflict are probably not situations that lend themselves to simple thinking.

  • grognard

    Like George Will pointed out , Hamas won power in a free election. His simple belief that elections equal freedom ignores the history of violent civil unrest over elections, and the violent overthrows of elected governments. His remark about ideologues broke me up considering the highly charged political situation between competing demagogs here. DanielR, I agree that being simple can be a force, but my question is did he pick his staff our was it the other way around? Did they see him as easy to manipulate?

  • jjc

    He was picked by plutocrats for largely domestic political reasons. They invested in his candidacy, and he’s pretty much paid off.

    In so doing, they rolled the dice as far as what would happen with foreigh policy. Sadly for all us, they got snake-eyes.

  • CaseyL

    Snake-eyes for us doesn’t bother the plutocrats. They have their walled and gated communities; none of the economic consequences will touch people who can buy their pre-pubescent daughters $900 purses and throw themselves $500,000 parties; and, if all else fails, they can flit off to another country where they already own property.

    The US, and its citizenry, are really nothing more than cash cows to them.

  • Salmenio


    You are describing rich people of wich are the republican base.

  • Isidora

    I’ve got an ugly migraine and have been taking some strong painkillers for the last day and a half straight. These drugs are not especially conducive to either manual dexterity or clear thinking, so while my husband and I were watching this video clip (during one of my awake periods), I needed a reality check. About halfway through the clip I turned to my husband and asked, “Honey, is it just the drugs I’m on, or is he not making sense?”

    I cannot believe I voted for this man six years ago. I didn’t make the same mistake in ’04, but, unfortunately, it didn’t make any difference.

  • Kim Ritter

    What’s annoying to me is that he overuses and abuses the phrase “spreading democracy” at every opportunity. No American will object to spreading democracy. But if you ever read speeches given by diplomats from anti-democratic governments like Syria and Iraq-they also are filled with references to spreading democracy.

    What we are really doing is the fighting for the PNAC goal of protecting American interests abroad with increased military presence and rejecting the result of democratic elections that we disagree with-i.e. freezing aid to Palestine when Hamas was elected. “Spreading democracy” is just a way of sugarcoating it in a way that appeals to American values.

    Unfortunately, this is not working, because the terrorist organizations are providing popular social services to the people and they are in turn supporting them. Roles the governments in Palestine and Lebanon are supposed to fill are instead filled by Hamas and Hezbollah. These organizations which DO present a dangerous threat to Israel and America are winning hearts and minds, not the U.S. military.

    Bush has been in a state of denial about this entire situation from the beginning, and has shielded himself from the truth by surrounding himself with a select few and shutting himself off from congressional input. He’s basically living in his own world, and that world is now crashing down on him. I think most Americans’ biggest regret is that he’s not running for another election-so we could voice our anger by voting him and his minions out!

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