So. One year ago today I made some predictions for 2012. All in fun of course. You can look at the list and decide how I did. Not half bad if I say so myself. Given that these things are only done in fun, here are my predictions for 2014. Feel free to make your own:

In 2013:

1) Republicans lick wounds, look around, figure out that they really are going to have to retool their message and rethink things from the ground up. Some people will not be happy about this. Results will be indeterminate until late 2014 so it will be hard to guage, but, there is no major shakeup in the House or Senate leadership.

2) Windows 8 is increasingly seen much like Windows Vista: not a complete failure but a major turn-off to the market with a whole lot of complaining. Microsoft remains stubborn and basically tells customers to lump it or leave it, but quietly retools in preparation for Windows 9 sooner than it had anticipated.

3) The national economy will continue to slowly improve but in a very hesitant and frustrating way.

4) Telecommuting finally becomes considered a mainstream and acceptable option in most of Corporate America.

5) Resentment at the power of corporate America will continue to escalate, though the debate will remain sharply between those who think the government is to blame and those who think government is the solution.

6) “The Hobbit” proves more successful financially than the first Lord of the Rings movie.

7) The so-called Rapture once again does not happen. Neither does the world end in any other manner, with the remote possible exception of a massive meteor strike.

8) A friend of mine with some rather impressive new technology continues to face frustrations, but does not give up.

9) The phrase “Men’s Rights Activists” will start appearing in more and more mainstream news outlets, subject to fierce criticism and debate, with some so-called MRAs behaving badly but others making inroads into mainstream acceptance in politics as well as in academia. This will turn out to be one of the most acrimonious subjects in the country, a debate that was forestalled for about ten years by 9/11. It will be a growing part of our politics this year and probably even moreso in the years after it. A generational dialogue on sex and gender issues that’s needed to happen for a long while finally begins.

10) So-called “global terrorism” will make a slight resurgence, but only slight, as the fight for reform in the Middle East continues to cause most people in the region to focus their energy on that rather than incoherent blaming of American and/or Israel for their woes.

11) Israel once again is not wiped from the map, and continues to see slowly improving relations and fortunes with the Palestinians.

12) Religious tensions begin visibly easing in America, as the so-called “Religious Right” comes to terms with the fact that most of their views are not within the mainstream of American discourse and most of their message is not a winning message.

13) There will be at least another crazed shooter or two in America who kills a bunch of people, or tries to, just because he’s nuts. This gives energy to the gun control movement, but not a lot of action.

14) NASA once again does nothing of great significance in space, although they continue to produce interesting stuff at home at places like JPL.

15) Egypt continues to face turmoil but outright civil war never occurs.

16) Bashar Assad, dead by end of year.

17) America continues its struggle in Afghanistan, where progress will remain frustratingly two-steps-forward-one-step-back but overall positive.

18) First self-driving car becomes available for sale, although it will be so expensive only someone very rich or a large corporation will be able to buy one (OK, didn’t happen last year, I’m thinking this year.)

19) Linux starts to become a Visible Presence in the gaming community, as frustration with Microsoft and with the limitations of consoles drives more and more gamers back to PCs and yet away from Microsoft.

20) No government in the Middle East truly “becomes Democratic” (as defined by Freedom House standards) but many continue to reform toward more democratic institutions.

21) North Korea stays internally quiescent, but its new dictator surprises everybody by opening talks with the outside world, though no big changes.

22) Fidel Castro finally dies. Raul has trouble keeping a lid on things. (I’ve made this prediction every year for many years running so I have to be right eventually, right?)

23) Obamacare continues to expand and while there will be changes to the law it will continue, and the result will not be fewer people with medical coverage, as the critics suggested, but rather, the number of people covered will increase.

24) Once again, no country ranked as a Democracy by Freedom House will go to war with any other country that is so-ranked. It has never happened, and it will continue to not-happen.

25) Some legislation is passed to make student loan forgiveness easier to obtain.

26) I will continue writing regularly on my blog, although more of my energy will be spent on YouTube and podcasting and writing on other sites.

OK some of those are pretty easy, some a little more edgy. What do you guys think? Got any predictions you’d like to make?

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  • I love this post. In fact, my Cagle column I have to do for tomorrow will be of the same thing but I can’t resist and will throw in some silly ones. The problem is: the silly ones will probably come true and the serious ones won’t. My prediction: the end of the year my predictions (which I’ll titled More Predictions for 2013) will not be as accurate as yours!

  • dduck

    I predict one of you will grow a beard and one will shave his beard off. 🙂

  • ordinarysparrow

    Here is my list:

    1. A water downed assault weapon ban will pass both Congress and Senate. It will be the beginning of greater change.

    2. Republicans will continue to utilize at least 98% of their time and energy in opposition to Obama.

    3. Affordable Care Act proves to be full of difficulties to implement, but nothing compared to the mess and the uproar that comes from States that attempt to set up the private Medicare programs. This will add to the loss of Republican seats in Congress in 2014.

    4. Syria continues to escalate…chemical weapons will be used by Assad supporters…Assad will find refuge in Russia.

    5. Hilary Clinton’s popularity will continue to rise, with much speculation that she is preparing to run in 2016.

    6. Supreme Court will legislate in favor of Gay marriage legalization or will throw it back to the States that will rule in favor.

    7. Egyptian women will be told to wear the veil and some will protest.

    8. Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad loses favor with the Supreme Leaders then takes his power back by banning white socks for women.

    9. 2013 will be known as Year of the Woman around the world that protest against violence and sexual assault.

    10. Global warming deniers lose ground as another year of chaotic weather.

    11. Breaking Bad will end the series… But there will be a spin off…where all the characters end up on Dr. Phil’s couch.

    12. Paris Hilton will get a DUI.

    13. Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Shane Hanidy, Dick Morris, Rubert Murdock, and John Boehner lose their ‘super-powers’.

    14. Big Bird will receive the presidential pardon for Thanksgiving 2013.

    15. Putin falls from a horse. Only the horse is injured.

    16. There will be an act of cyber warfare that will first frighten the people of the world, then turns to anger, which will usher in internet reform and security.

    17. British Petroleum Oil will attempt to re-brand themselves, only for us to find out they have made another spill with attempt to hide and minimize.

    18. There will be incidents and controversy for food safety and environmental poisoning that further divides those that want little government regulations and those that demand government intervention.

    19. There will be a incident concerning Joe Biden that will be prohibitive for his political future as possible next president.

    20. Beige toilet paper hits the market (okay i just heard that one on NPR)… It will not be a success…Twinkies come back on the market…some people will feel this is important…People lose faith in the I’s of Apple…John McAfee is a significant factor in causing McAfee to crash…

    21. Facebook becomes more odorous to it users and implements more ways to disclose privacy and more ways to place adds.

    22. Fundamentalist Christians are once again disappointed when Jesus does not return and smite all the people of the world because they do not believe as they do.

    23. My cat will gain more weight, i will make resolve and restrict her diet, will feel guilty by her pitiful protest, then i will cave to her demands, she will win again.

    24. I will get Google Fiber which is 100 times faster than anyone else, simply because i live in the city that won the bid.

    25. Google Fiber will be full of glitches.