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Posted by on Jan 8, 2013 in At TMV | 2 comments

PPP Poll: “Congress somewhere below cockroaches, traffic jams, and Nickelback in Americans’

This is actually a non-story about a poll (but we’ll report it anyway). From Public Policy Polling:

Our newest national poll finds that Congress only has a 9% favorability rating with 85% of voters viewing it in a negative light. We’ve seen poll after poll after poll over the last year talking about how unpopular Congress is but really, what’s the difference between an 11% or a 9% or a 7% favorability rating? So we decided to take a different approach and test Congress’ popularity against 26 different things. And what we found is that Congress is less popular than cockroaches, traffic jams, and even Nickelback.

Here’s what we found:

It’s gross to have lice but at least they can be removed in a way that given the recent reelection rates members of Congress evidently can’t: Lice 67 Congress 19

Brussel sprouts may have been disgusting as a kid, but evidently they’re now a lot less disgusting than Congress: Brussel Sprouts 69 Congress 23

The NFL replacement refs may have screwed everything up, but voters think Congress is screwing everything up even worse: Replacement Refs 56 Congressmen 29 (the breakdown among Packers fans might be a little bit different).

Colonoscopies are not a terribly pleasant experience but at least they have some redeeming value that most voters aren’t seeing in Congress: Colonoscopies 58 Congress 31

And you can make the same point about root canals: Root Canals 56 Congress 32

You might get a bad deal from a used car salesmen, but voters evidently think they’re getting an even worse deal from Congress: Used Car Salesmen 57 Congress 32

Being stuff in traffic sucks, but voters are even less happy about being stuck with this Congress: Traffic Jams 56 Congress 34

America might have had to bail out France multiple times over the years but voters still have a more charitable opinion of it than Congress: France 46 Congress 37

Carnies may use loaded dice, but voters still think they have a better chance of winning with them than Congress: Carnies 39 Congress 31

It may be true that everyone hates Nickelback, but apparently everyone hates Congress even more: Nickelback 39 Congress 32

Genghis Khan did a lot of bad stuff but I guess it’s faded from voters’ minds in a way that Congress’ recent misdeeds haven’t: Genghis Khan 41 Congress 37.

There’s more to the poll so go to the link and read it in its entirety.

Oh: and this is a story about a quintessential partisan who would be a fictional SNL character, except the audience would feel he’d be too silly and predictable to be convincing:

Saying he has “not forgotten about the Benghazi debacle,” Sen. Lindsey Graham called for a delay in the confirmation process of John Brennan, the president’s choice for CIA director, as investigations still continue surrounding the September 11, 2012 U.S. consulate attack in Libya.

“I do not believe we should confirm anyone as Director of the CIA until our questions are answered,” Graham said in a statement.

The Republican senator from South Carolina has helped lead congressional efforts to address the deadly attack in Libya. He was one of several Republican senators who sharply questioned U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice and her role in the aftermath of the violence.


Graham is a member of Congress.

Which partially explains the poll..

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  • slamfu

    Nothing surprising there. The GOP, spearheaded by guys like Graham, have only one way to exert authority anymore and that’s to stop everything in its tracks and hope they can pin the ensuing messes on the Dems and Obama in particular. It didn’t work in ’12 and its not going to work in ’14. The only problem is that the GOP isn’t doing it merely as a political exercise anymore, the loons at the steering wheel actually believe they are doing the right thing. Common sense, duty to the Republic, and even naked evidence do not sway these people from their agenda. They need to be shamed into allowing anything to get done for the next 2 years and god willing they will be shown the door in ’14.

  • The_Ohioan

    Oh, yes, “go to the link and read it in its entirety”. This is the problem with modern journalism. Only one side is presented. No effort to inform the readers that congress rates higher than many things. For instance:

    By relatively close margins it beats out Lindsey Lohan (45/41), playground bullies (43/38), and telemarketers (45/35). And it posts wider margins over the Kardashians (49/36), John Edwards (45/29), lobbyists (48/30), Fidel Castro (54/32), Gonorrhea (53/28), Ebola (53/25), Communism (57/23), North Korea (61/26), and meth labs (60/21)

    Now what can be bad about outpolling telemarketers? I ask you.

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