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Posted by on Dec 18, 2012 in Economy, Featured, Media, Politics | 2 comments

Poll: 69% Disapprove of GOP on Fiscal Cliff

John Darkow, Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri

You sometimes have to ask yourself: is the GOP on a political suicide mission, nudged along by conservative radio talk show hosts, Fox News and some conservative pundits. The latest poll sounds as if on the issue of the fiscal cliff that’s precisely what’s going on. To wit:

Nearly seven in 10 Americans disapprove of how congressional Republicans are handling the fiscal cliff, according to a poll released Tuesday, with a bare majority expecting a deal to be reached by the end of 2012.

That’s a shockingly lopsidded poll for a party that wishes to win national elections in the future.

Only 17 percent of Americans approve of how the GOP is handling negotiations, while 69 percent disapprove, according to a new CBS News poll. Fifty percent disapprove of how Obama and congressional Democrats are negotiating, while 38 percent approve

Get this behind you ASAP. You’re reinforcing the “obstructionist” image Democrats painted of you — and you painted of yourself.

Half of Americans think Congress and the president will reach a deal to avert the cliff, which amounts to a package of widespread tax increases and deep spending cuts that will go into effect at the beginning of 2013. Forty-four percent think a deal probably won’t be reached.

An overwhelming majority of Americans — 69 percent — continue to support raising taxes on all income above $250,000 a year, with even a majority of Republicans supporting such a deal. Only 45 percent support reducing government benefits “for people like you,” with 48 percent opposed.
The bottom line: Barack Obama and the Democrats have the upper hand in the argument and in the polls. And in political clout. It’ll take more than Fox & Friends and Sean Hannity to change perceptions about who’s to blame if an agreement is not reached.

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  • slamfu

    The GOP is definitely on a suicide run here. If it wasn’t going to really make an even deeper mess out of our economy, and the world’s, I’d almost be happy to watch them blow it this big and see the ramifications down the road. But the consequences are too severe. Here we sit in a somewhat recovering economy, and if they reach a deal, it will be HUGE next year. If the US govt can show the markets and the world its serious about not acting like children I can only assume it will boost consumer confidence and spending again, as well as put into place some sensible policy in this nation. However nothing I just said describes the GOP of the last 4 years. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • galero

    As far as the “New Republican Party,” one could only wish.

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