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Posted by on Oct 30, 2010 in Politics | 0 comments

Political Hypocrisy: Ds and Rs Criticize Government Spending While Benefiting From Said Largess

Both Republican and Democratic candidates in this fall’s congressional elections have attacked federal largess even though they benefited from it either directly or indirectly, according to the Center for Public Integrity and the Huffington Post Investigative Fund.

In Appleton, Wis., Republican House candidate Reid Ribble bashed the stimulus even though a construction firm owned by members of his family won a contract for $130,000 in stimulus funds to repair the roof of a local elementary school, the candidate’s nephew and new owner of the company, Troy Ribble, confirmed.

Democrats critical of stimulus program effectiveness also had family members who received benefits. In Missouri, Senate candidate Robin Carnahan has called for a halt to expanded stimulus spending proposed by President Barack Obama. But her opponent points out that a company owned by Carnahan’s brother, Wind Capital Group, received $107 million in stimulus funds last year. Carnahan’s campaign did not respond to requests for comment.


In Washington state, Republican Senate candidate Dino Rossi owns a share of a minor-league baseball team; state government tax breaks have supported construction at the stadium where the team plays. A spokeswoman for Rossi said the stadium received the money, not the team itself.

Here’s a table detailing 10 candidates profile in the story:

Candidate Congressional Race Business Relationship Government Funds
John Raese (R) Senate, West Virginia Greer Industries, Inc. Owner State purchased $29 million in raw materials during the last 10 years. $2.7 million in federal contracts.
Reid Ribble (R) House, Wisconsin The Ribble Group Inc.
Former owner; now owned by nephew Troy Ribble $130,000 in stimulus funds
Dino Rossi (R) Senate, Washington state AquaSox Part owner Stadium where the team played received $433,000 in state funds
Rob Portman (R) Senate, Ohio The Golden Lamb
Owner $10,000 in building waivers from the city government. Former operator requested funds from the city to offset rehabiliation costs but withdrew application.
Robin Carnahan (D) Senate, Missouri Wind Capital Group Owned by brother $107 million in stimulus funds
Ben Chandler (D) House, Kentucky n/a n/a State paid his wife $80,000 to help coordinate distribution of $421 million in stimulus funds.
Tom Ganley (R) House, Ohio Ganley Automotive Group Owner $3.7 million from “cash for clunkers”
Scott Rigell (R) House, Virginia Freedom Automotive Owner $568,500 from “cash for clunkers”
Jim Renacci (R) House, Ohio Renacci-Doraty Chevrolet Owner $168,500 from “cash for clunkers.” Dealership eliminated by GM as part of a government-mandated restructuring.
Linda McMahon (R) Senate, Connecticut World Wrestling Entertainment Former co-chairman and CEO; husband now fills roles $9.8 million in state film tax credits and $5 million in state infrastructure tax credits.

Read the complete investigation at The Huffington Post.

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