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Posted by on Dec 24, 2008 in Society | 5 comments

Plaxico Gun Runner?

The police have now conducted a raid on the New Jersey home of New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress. Given the amount of time that’s passed since his last arrest, you might think that he’d have cleaned up the place a bit.

Police yesterday seized a small cache of weapons and ammo from the Totowa, NJ, home of troubled Giants star Plaxico Burress, possibly setting up the suspended grid star for more legal trouble, law-enforcement sources said.

If the guns are unlicensed, the embattled wide receiver could face additional charges in New Jersey on top of the felony gun-possession charges he was slapped with after shooting himself in the leg at a Manhattan nightclub last month.

Seized in the raid were one 9 mm handgun, a rifle and ammo for three additional guns – a .380, a .45 and a .40, which is the caliber of gun with which he accidentally shot himself in the leg.

Well, I don’t know that it exactly qualifies as a “cache of weapons.” (If it does, I’m an international arms dealer.) But I certainly hope Plaxico has all the paperwork for the weapons or he’s going to be in even more trouble. Given the fact that he didn’t bother to get any permits for New York, I’m not all that hopeful that he went through the steps in the Garden State.

The Giants are already looking at recouping the vast majority of the $35M they laid out for him this year. Hopefully he set enough aside for court costs and a really good lawyer.

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  • daveinboca

    Down here in S. Florida, Coach Shannon of the UMiami football team made it first order of business upon taking on the job to forbid players from carrying weapons—-fifteen team members complied even though a couple actually had gone to the trouble of getting carrying permits! The team’s performance has improved although they are still in a “rebuilding mode.”

    Young Randy Moss [and his mentor Cris Carter] live in the community adjoining ours, and I hope Cris has RM toeing the line lest he graze a leg.

  • Welshman

    I can only assume that the second tranche of the $700 billion TARP money is required to allow the Giants to sustain the spending levels that they have been exercising all season.

    Some say that this is the most useful of all the methods found to lose all this money down the bottomless pit of financial entities. Not being a Giant’s fan, I don’t. But hey, given the choice of them or Chrysler, I would accept that the Giants may be the better long-term bet.

  • rudi

    Maybe the TARP money could be used to finance new owners for the Detroit Lions. They’re a bigger mess than the Giants or even the Big Three thanks to the likes of the WC Ford family. At least his brother Hank Ford didn’t allow Billy to screw up Ford Motors in the 1960’s.

  • DLS

    Well, given how much the New York Yankees are spending now just for their three most expensive members — around $500 million — Bloomberg and other clowns in New York shouldn’t plead poverty and ask for any TARP money, even _if_ the Yankees have so much money they could probably redefine themselves as a bank.

    Meanwhile, GM got a Christmas present as of last night — GMAC is now a bank holding company recognized by the Federal Reserve, so GMAC can get TARP money and be a form of damage control for GM. (Now if only the Lions could be made attractive for Ford to sell. Maybe the Lions can go to the car culture capital of the USA, Los Angeles, and succeed where others have failed. That, or move to a modern city like Las Vegas. [grin])

  • DLS

    Given the nature of so many badly-behaving athletes, the public tends to overlook the question if New York and New Jersey firearms restrictions and registration or permit requirements are deliberate infringements on the right to keep and bear arms.

    This was _not_ overlooked earlier by some — for Bloomberg in New York City is notorious for misconduct (including misuse of the court system). David Kopel (well-known for years among people familiar with libertarian issues) did not overlook this. (See below.)

    To this day, I worry: Could I actually get in trouble (wrongly) simply by driving through New Jersey or New York with a firearm in my vehicle?

    And of course we have to worry about provoking young, dumb hot-heads. (Also see below.)

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