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Posted by on Jan 6, 2009 in Politics | 7 comments

Peter King for New York Senator?

Depending on the final decision pending from New York Governor David Paterson regarding Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat, this could turn into a very interesting story.

National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn met today with Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), and intends on supporting him as the congressman strongly considers a run for the Senate in New York.

“Senator Cornyn believes Peter King would be a very formidable candidate. He believes the seat could be in play, and is prepared to commit the resources to win the seat,” said a senior Republican aide familiar with the meeting.

A source close to King confirmed that the congressman is strongly considering running for the Senate. He is expected to make a final decision whether to run “soon after” Gov. David Paterson appoints a successor for Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat

Paterson is in a shaky position already here in New York, and a serious misstep in appointing Clinton’s successor could set him up for a fall when he runs for his first full term as Governor in 2010. Likewise, if he either places a caretaker or a weak candidate, the Senate seat may be up for grabs as well. As of this morning, Paterson is playing coy and has sent out a lengthy background information form to a number of Senate hopefuls, but he may still go with Caroline Kennedy. (Kennedy has a history of not wanting to discuss her financial situation, but may have to do so in order to get this prize.)

Peter King is likely the GOP’s best hope (besides Rudy Giuliani) to seize either the Governor’s office or the Senate seat in 2010. Both Paterson and – potentially – Caroline Kennedy have been suffering from “The Utica Problem” (where politicians perceived as being too much in the pocket of New York City anger the more conservative, rural upstate voters) this winter, so Republicans are sensing an opportunity. King has a long, successful record in Nassau County, and has suffered remarkably little in the way of scandal or controversy outside of his interests in Ireland’s troubles.

King also has other reasons to be interested in a new job. New York is expected to lose one House seat in the upcoming redistricting shuffle and the Congressman is one of only three remaining Republicans in the state delegation. With Democratic majorities in both chambers of the state government and the Governor’s mansion, insiders expect them to look to remove one of these few GOP seats, so King’s current job may go the way of the dodo bird. If he can raise the money for such a run, King will likely be a formidable candidate.

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  • superdestroyer

    King would only be consdier a real candidate is that he could possibly lose by less than a double digit loss. The Republicans have to realize by now that New York is a lost cause and really not worth the investment. If Carolina Kennedy is appointed, she cold end up being a Senator for decades without havng to ever face a hard election.

    I guess as the U.S. becomes a one party state, fewer politicains will have to face any form of real election and will just assume control of whatever they really want.

    • As recently as two months ago, I would have probably agreed with you, SD, but things have been changing out here and quickly. Paterson’s approval ratings are drifting in the wrong direction and a ground swell has been forming against Caroline Kennedy. There’s a fair chance that Paterson will still appoint Kennedy and then the whole “one party” thing may go out the window here. Upstate is a lot more conservative than most people realize. Just something to think about.

  • superdestroyer

    Jazz, The problem is that there not enough people who are willing to change their minds in upstate New York to really matter versus the overwhelming vote that the Democratic candidate will get from NYC.

  • Jazz, the GOP was already damaged goods in NY. I’m with SD on this one. They’re dreaming to think they’ll rebound there. And as SD often points out, the demographic tide in the nation, and especially in NY, is against a GOP revival unless they find a way to bring minorities in without alienating the base. Not an easy task considering the party’s ongoing struggle with immigration issues and the propensity for Republicans to make regular racist appeals like the “magic Negro” fiasco. The kind of discipline it would take even to HIDE their open hostility to minorities just seems too much to ask, let alone actually developing policies that don’t obviously pander to rich white men and corrupt corporate cronies. And the Limbaugh-O’Reilly-Coulter crowd will continue to remind everyone outside the GOP base exactly what a hateful, sneering, sarcastic and selfish thing that party has become.

    I have a friend who was asked by the S. African Botha regime (yes, years ago), to do a PR campaign to improve their image. He told them “That’s not how it works. If you want to improve your image, you do good things and publicize that.” They didn’t and they’re gone. There’s a lesson in that.

  • peter king u ass wipe I wouldnt vote 4 u if u where man on earth I would vote for mike.

  • Betts

    Thanks for you comment on Michael Jackson —— many of us feel the same way at least you have the GUTS to say it. We are so tired of all this coverage…….. Thanks again

  • secalarm

    You have no respect for the dead and why didt’n you say something earlier when he was alive you dip shit.

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