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Posted by on Aug 17, 2008 in At TMV | 1 comment

Pervez Musharraf’s “New Home”? (Update)

musharraf and family

As the presidential impeachment drama unfolds in Pakistan, the indications are that Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf might resign if he is allowed to stay on in Pakistan and gets immunity from legal action. I recommend three interesting stories as to where Musharraf could find a sanctuary.

“The United States and Britain remain top of the list of with Turkey and Saudi Arabia the other options,” says The Times of India. “A wicked idea floated by Musharraf-haters: Send him to Neharwali-gali in Old Delhi’s Daryaganj (in India), where the Pakistani general was born and grew up till he was a toddler (in an undivided India).

“According to Pakistani writer Tariq Ali, sanctuaries in Manhattan, Texas and the Turkish island of Büyükada are being considered for Musharraf. The toothless dictator ”would prefer a large estate in Pakistan, preferably near a golf course. In fact, the Pakistani security agencies themselves are not keen to guard Musharraf because he is a sure-fire candidate for assassination attempts. Turkey, a country Musharraf grew up in as a young boy, is said to think on similar lines.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice more than hinted that Musharraf is not welcome in the U.S as a political refugee… Ironically, Musharraf’s safest option is probably Saudi Arabia, to where he exiled his current nemesis Nawaz Sharief. But the whisky-swilling, dog-loving, media-crazy dictator is not the ideal guest for the fundamentalist kingdom.” More here…

The Independent has a story about the luxurious home in the quiet suburbs of Islamabad, less than six weeks from completion, that has been built by Pervez Musharraf as a retirement home for himself and his wife. Mr Hammad Husain, the architect commissioned by Mr Musharraf, said the home will include a fish-pond, a walking track and an extraordinary amount of barbed wire.

” ‘Most of what you see is his input, along with mine,’ said Mr Husain, as a team of labourers slaved beneath the blistering sun. ‘He has gone into the detail, he has been part of it and comes here to look at things.’ Mr Husain, a family friend of the Musharrafs, said the President’s wife, Sehba, had chosen the curtains and fittings for the house, estimated at £1.25 million.” More here…

And finally the story from The News of Pakistan…Please click here…

The photo above (courtesy Getty Images) shows Musharraf with his family members.

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