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Posted by on Mar 15, 2014 in Featured, Politics, Race | 7 comments

Paul Ryan and Racism (Guest Cartoonist Cartoon)

Paul Ryan and Racism
by Mike Peters

MP-2014-03-14 (2)

Yes, Paul Ryan’s ‘Inner City’ Comments Were Racist
In Defense of Paul Ryan: He Isn’t Racist, He’s Right
Paul Ryan’s Racist Comments Are a Slap in the Face to 10.5 Million Americans
Paul Ryan Tries To Walk Back Racist Comments By Saying He Was ‘Inarticulate’
Paul Ryan’s worthless attempt to save face: Why he’s still an overrated fraud
The Smearing Of Ryan As A Racist

Mike Peters is recognized as one of our nation’s most prominent cartoon artists for his outstanding work as both a political and comic strip cartoonist. His favorite expression “WHAT A HOOT” certainly sums up his outlook on his life and work which are inexorably entwined. Mike’s warm, easygoing and zany demeanor is evidence that his personality matches his creative talents. As so eloquently phrased by a colleague — “Mike is the Peter Pan of the cartooning world; he’s boyishly charming, good with a rapier and doesn’t spend a lot of time on the ground. And he doesn’t seem to want to grow up”.

The Comic Strip Mother Goose & Grimm appears in over 800 newspapers worldwide and consistently places in the top 10 most popular ratings. Licensees distribute Grimmy products all over the world, and the Grimmy TV show continues to air in several countries. Mother Goose & Grimm is included in the Toon Lagoon theme park at Universal Studios that opened in July 1999.

This copyrighted cartoon is licensed to be run on TMV and is from his website. Reproduction elsewhere is strictly prohibited.

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  • SteveK


    edit to add: I thought about CAPITALIZING ‘yep’ but that would be giving Mr. Ryan too much credit.

  • I don’t know if Ryan is a racist but I do know he is a sociopath.

  • The_Ohioan

    This week – Richmond, VA:

    The Ku Klux Klan papered several Chesterfield County neighborhoods this week with fliers proclaiming it is nonviolent, not a hate group and not “enemies of the colored and mongrel races.”

    According to Chesterfield police spokeswoman Elizabeth Caroon, police received reports of the fliers in the Bexley, Chester Grove, Longmeadow and Kendale Acres subdivisions.

    “The thing that really gets me is that (people are) saying we’re teaching our children to hate people just because of their race, creed and color, and that’s a complete lie and falsehood,” said Frank Ancona, president and imperial wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

    “not enemies of the colored and mongrel races.” is a word for word excerpt from a 1920’s KKK pamphlet. And very similar to Ted Nugent’s “subhuman mongrel” statement.

  • petew

    Just like the KKK to deny the basic mission it represents as being some kind of natural or intellectually valid credo. And, like so many conservative Republicans who attempt to rationalize the uses of phrases like “legitimate rape,” by packaging it as some sort of misunderstood observation—rather than just a plain and stupid lack of intelligence, the biased beat goes on.

    Ryan and many Republican’s try to redo old and outdated conceptions about political reality in watered down form that present day Republicans can get behind, but to any reasonable mind they continue to represent only thinly veiled cases of racism. This along with promoting only those laws which aid the moneyed .1%, rationalizing taking the political process hostage, denying any scientific evidence that they disagree with, and in general trying to project all of their inadequate ways of thinking on others (think Obama, Obama, Obama, and them other damn “Libruls”).

    Of course I may be creating a stereotype of Republicans, and I admit that even they have occasional sojourns back into the land of reason, but, they have done and said so many damn stupid and insane things lately, that I can’t think of another way to better portray what they are all about as a whole. However, I am eagerly waiting for he day when they might truly represent some kind of rational ideology—instead of merely insane power plays!

  • sheknows

    Agree with Ron for sure. Also think he is racist.

    Would like to think a comment like this would finish him in politics, but hell, he may actually come out of this as a 2016 nominee. Look how well Mitt did after telling half the nation they were “lazy and just looking for handouts.”

  • sheknows,

    That’s because the Republicans have nearly half the country scared about people who are lazy and looking for handouts who are coming after their money (along with their guns and Bibles). Fictitious bogeymen do work to get out the vote on the right.

  • yoopermoose

    R.C., unfortunately, these outrageous statements don’t seem to get out the vote on the left, which is why they work so well.

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