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Posted by on Aug 29, 2008 in Politics | 15 comments

Palin’s interesting but…

The pick of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin by John McCain to be his running mate neither wowed nor depressed me. From what I’ve read about Gov. Palin and some of the videos I’ve seen she’s intelligent, speaks convincingly, and is a pure conservative. As expected, some on the Right say this will pull disenchanted Clinton supporters (I really don’t think so) and the Left is in full vetting mode. But I don’t feel this is a bold choice. It makes sense (Clinton supporters and conservative credentials) but not bold. A bold pick by McCain would have been the gentleman below:


The selection of Michael Steele (Chairman of GOPAC and a former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland) would have caused the Obama Campaign to freeze ice cold. Of course people would say McCain is pandering to blacks (like some on the Left are saying today about McCain pandering to women with the Palin choice). But Michael Steele is more than that. Michael Steele sells the Republican Party the way Barack Obama delivers a speech: DAMN GOOD!

I watched Michael Steele at one of Tavis Smiley‘s Black Town Hall meetings this year. Steele was in front of a black, solidly Democratic Party, Pro-Obama audience. When he opened his mouth, he received no boos. Instead the audience listened intently as he wrapped conservative ideas in a way that didn’t condescend or berate. I was ultra impressed. He would have been the perfect weapon against Barack Obama in this election. A black, intelligent, and proud conservative with a down-to-earth persona. McCain would have transformed the Republican Party in one fell swoop and made history even more.

As much as I respect what Hillary Clinton did this primary season (I have two young daughters and I pointed out Clinton’s historic run many times), this election season is framed in the history of Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream. And Barack Obama seized it well and true. Obama totally re-framed and re-aligned the black civil rights movement by just getting there with a myriad of American votes. And I thank him immensely for that. Michael Steele could have stepped in, made history, substantial (in my opinion) number of blacks to the Republican Party, while putting an even bigger exclamation mark on how far America has come. This could have galvanized those lukewarm or hostile to the Republican Party to give McCain a good hard look.

Sarah Palin’s a good choice. She may be a game changer. But Michael Steele would have been an election changer in 2008.

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  • Silhouette


    Well, Steele could’ve made a good choice except for one problem: he would stand in the shadow of The Anointed One….lol…

    No, the black votes will be behind Obama no matter what. McCain knew this. They want PRESIDENT, not vice president…it’s all about “making history” dontcha know..

    Picking a woman was a vastly better idea from a strategic standpoint. The “up for grabs” voters aren’t blacks, they’re women….millions and millions of them disenfranchised by their favorite party.. And McCain swooped in to “hit that”…

    Yes, that’s a simplistic and bucolic way of looking at it. It’s like Obama jilted women and left them on the curb for another preference…*giggle*…and then McCain pulled right up in his muscle car with a dozen roses and his best smile and said, “hey baby, want a ride?”


    Not that getting in that car would be the most advisable thing to do. But you know the old saying “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

    McCain just took that one to the bank..

  • DLS

    McCain’s choice was a splendid surprise. Miracles _do_ happen sometimes, I guess. Now the GOP has life and, “We interrupt our media worship of and campaigning for Obama to have to report that …” there is a possible real contest, after all. (The lefties are throwing tantrums already and beginning the sexism and worse. And you thought their treatment of Hillary Clinton was bad!)

  • kritt11

    Black voters have already shown they’ll elect a liberal white candidate over a conservative black one. That’s how Steele lost the US Senate race to Ben Cardin. The chance that they’d switch to McCain because of Steele is pretty close to zero.

  • kritt11

    DLS- At least you finally admit Hillary Clinton was treated badly! Bill wasn’t just whining about it.

  • I agree with T-Steel. His pick would have frozen the Obama team in their tracks. As I pointed out in my post above this one, Palin has problems, and I’m guessing they will only grow.

  • kritt11

    Thats like saying black folks only want a black in the WH —they don’t care about his politics.

  • lgrf4evr

    I think that MaCain’s pick of Palin is a good idea but with Steele, there will be two problems. He is a good guy i guess, don’t know much about him but here aare my two cent. his first problem is:

    the white southerners – i think that in a era where blacks and whites as not able to married (even though the supreme courts overrule it in the 60’s) and tolerated in the south would had been difficult.

    whites southerner used to be democrats but started voting republican ever since Nixon southern stragedy, therefore the Solid South and southern republican is a must for MaCain presidency. So if Steele was the VP, i would find it hard that MaCain will win the south in that whites southerner would not vote for him nor will the white southerners vote for Obama because he is black either.

    the Northeast will go for Obama and so will the pacific west, but the mid west is a mix, and the south is ever so republican. said, Obama wins the northeast and pacific west, and MaCain won the mid west, what about the south?

    secondly, blacks had already make their statement, they are strongly for Obama and Steele lost in the senate or was it govornor race to a white man. so i don’t see many blacks voting for MaCain with Steele as VP. blacks just don’t vote color, they also vote policy too.

    although, good choice with Palin because that means that white southerners can still vote for their own kind since i don’t see them voting for a black man be him President or VP.

  • DLS

    K: I rose to Clinton’s defense earlier this year when the worst of the _Obama_ people were treating her worse than the GOP ever did.

    Obama’s campaign PR guy was an idiot at responding to McCain’s VP choice. He dismissed her as a mere tiny-town mayor “with no foreign policy experience” — she, the #2 choice, with more executive experience than Obama (who has _zero_ such experience) and Obama is the #1 (Presidential) candidate for the Dems, and also has no foreign policy experience! The Obama campaign must have been floored by McCain’s stealing the show today from Obama (who probably expected the press to be gushing about him all the way into the start of next week and the GOP convention that they’d dismiss ahead of time and during the convention as well).

    It should be added that yes, Obama once again rescued his campaign. When he was asked about the choice, he said that it represents another example of progress in this nation and that it does attack the “glass ceiling.” Great for Obama himself! And when asked about his campaign VP statement that was so harsh (unlike Obama’s own gracious response), Obama said that his campaign sometimes is “on a hair trigger, when it shouldn’t be.” Again Obama has rescued his campaign.

    I hope the GOP (not only McCain) exploits this VP choice and makes it the true contest and “sporting” contest it should be now.

  • DLS

    There’s plenty of opportunity for other good people like Steele in McCain’s cabinet and in other top positions in the executive branch.

    Side note: I heard one caller on one radio show today say McCain should have chosen Condolezza Rice, and I say this would have been a “McSame” appearing mistake. Steele is obviously not baggage like this. Nor, I believe, is Colin Powell. Bring him back in as SECDEF or in some other important role, I say.

  • joep

    An absolutely stupid idea. I’m a Maryland resident who is very familiar with our ex Lt. Governer. A very nice guy and a total empty suit. He ran a good campaign (never forced to state policy positions) against the most boring policy wonk candidate (Ben Cardin) the democrats could field. And he still lost.

    Regarding the African American thing, he ran for the Senate at the same time Republican Gov Ehrllich ran for reelection and they got the exact same percentage of the vote. His percentage of AA vote was almost identical. He wouldn’t have pulled any votes from Obama, but he sure as hell would have stripped votes from him further south of the Mason Dixon line.

  • Interesting. The responses in my post are similar to what other people I know. They said it would cause McCain to lose votes south of the Mason-Dixon line. Which says something about race in America. Blatant racism layered with violence is old news. Yesteryear. Internal prejudices and bigotry rule now. Better than the former.

    So a McCain/Steele ticket coupled with Obama/Biden on the other side would lead to the lowest voter turnout in years due to the two black candidates?

    And regarding black people unanimously supporting Obama, what did America expect. He is the first. And that’s the way it goes.

  • Silhouette

    “Thats like saying black folks only want a black in the WH —they don’t care about his politics.” ~kritt

    C’mon. That would NEVER happen…lol….

    Oh, wait a minute. We have Obama as our nominee. Nevermind..

    “And regarding black people unanimously supporting Obama, what did America expect. He is the first. And that’s the way it goes.”~ T Steel

    Yes, even if that means the defeat of the democratic bid for the Whitehouse, perhaps in the time in human history when such a win means the tipping of the scales one way or another for global war and economic collapse.

    Glad to see people have their priorities straight..

    And that brings me back to my stunned observation of interviews just after the Obama-fest yesterday where longtime Obamabots admitted with a smile no less that “even if Obama doesn’t win, it’s still a historic campaign”.

    Yeah…about that….history isn’t always stories of good things that happened…

  • First of all, Senator Obama wasn’t the fave of black America until he proved he could win. And Obama just isn’t a “black dude” running for POTUS. He has enough credentials to give him a shot which made black folks believe. Black folks just don’t vote black just to do it (we’ve voted NUMEROUS white candidates into office, i.e. Bill “First Black President” Clinton). Black people vote for the person they identify most with (like many other Americans do). If Hillary Clinton would have won the Dem nomination, guess what, she would have gotten the black vote hands down.

    And stop acting like you wouldn’t be caught up if Hillary Clinton gave her acceptance speech yesterday. Your unwavering support of Hillary combined with you being a woman also would have had you bringing up women’s suffrage, Clara Barton, Rachael Carson, Amelia Earhart, Shirley Chisholm, and any other woman that broke ground in her field to underscore Hillary’s historic moment. So don’t all “policy wonk or Democrats lose” with me because your candidate isn’t there. History is freakin’ history. And we’re human. Emotional.

    Barack Obama is hardly the negative figure you paint him out to be.


  • kritt11

    Sil- 90% of blacks vote for the Democratic candidate because their policies benefit them more. So pls don’t insinuate they are only supporting Obama because of color. I will say that for many this is MLK’s “dream” come true and I can’t fault them for that, because many thought it would never happen in this country.

    They wouldn’t/didn’t vote for Steele because of his conservative politics.

  • Oh, wait a minute. We have Obama as our nominee. Nevermind.

    You can’t stand the idea that Obama beat your girl fair and square. Get over it. She was rejected.

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