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Posted by on Oct 30, 2006 in At TMV | 8 comments

Pakistani Army Attacks Madrassa Killing 80

The Pakistani army announced earlier today “that it had destroyed a religious school used for training militants in the Bajur tribal area, which straddles the border with Afghanistan. The attack killed at least 80 people, the military said, describing them as militants.

The strike started at about 5 a.m. local time, when helicopter gunships fired missiles into the religious school, known as a madrassa, that was run by a local cleric, Maulvi Liaqut, according to military officials. Ground troops then stormed the compound.”

Reportedly, Maulvi Liaqut was killed by the Pakistani army in today’s attack.


General Sultan said that no “high value target� was present during the raid, referring to leaders of Al Qaeda or the Taliban. General Sultan also said that no children or women were present inside the madrassa, and he denied that any American or NATO troops were involved in the raid.


But opposition Islamist parties were quick to denounce the attack and blamed the United States. Qazi Hussain Ahmed, the leader of Jamaat-e-Islami, alleged that innocent children were killed and that the Pakistan Army was covering up for the alleged Americans strike.
After the attack, helicopters were reported hovering over the area. Telecommunication links were also reported to be suspended, according to local news media.

Pakistan should get rid of its madrassas ASAP. Its ‘students’ are nothing but (future) militants.

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  • ES

    Take a look over at Bill Roggio’s THE FOURTH RAIL website – the initial information about the strike may be OBE.

  • Kevin H

    OBE? We need some sort of acronym database. Maybe this is just the first sign of me getting old.

  • Link? And what’s OBE, ES?

  • SnarkyShark

    He means overcome by events. It would appear the US was gunning for al-Zawahiri. That would have made for a nice Oct suprise no?

    Instead we wiped out a bunch of people. Since they were brown, it doesnt mean a thing.

    Better luck next time Karl

  • ES

    First of all, my apologies for my haste earlier. As Snarky has said, OBE means overcome by events.

    As for the link to Bill Roggio’s website, the link can be found here at The Fourth Rail.

  • Rudi

    MvdG ends his post with the following:

    Pakistan should get rid of its madrassas ASAP. Its ‘students’ are nothing but (future) militants.

    Nice sweeping generaization from the “I hate Ayrabs” crowd.

    Here is a link to that commie magazine – “>Buissnessweek – and their take on the state of madrassas.

    Fair and Nasr agree that only a tiny percentage of madrassas taught students about both the Koran and Kalashnikovs — and that was mostly to fight the Soviets when they had invaded Afghanistan. That’s still true. So to say all madrassas foment terror is like saying all Catholic priests violate vows of celibacy because a few do.

  • Rudi
  • TomH

    How about Saudi Arabia’s militants? See Robert Bear’s book Sleeping with the Devil. Oops, sorry, nobody wants to upset the ‘delicate balance’ between the US and SA. Shame, that, because it could turn into a kick in the teeth to the US and world economy…

    TITLE: The Madrassa Raid
    BLOG NAME: A Blog For All
    Go ahead, question the timing, but Zawahiri and the al Qaeda acolytes have been timing their attacks, videos, and operations to coincide with the US electoral schedule as well. The attacks have risen because they think that they can force the US to t…

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