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Posted by on Sep 17, 2009 in Politics, Religion, Society, War | 9 comments

Orly Taitz Has About 17 Screws Loose

Justin Elliott at Talking Points Memo interviewed her earlier today. She compared herself to Nelson Mandela and accused Judge Clay Land of treason. No point in trying to quote from the TPM piece. I wouldn’t know which part to choose. Just read it. It’s jaw-dropping.

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  • StockBoySF

    How lovely that she thinks just like the Catholic Church did a few hundred years ago: that the Earth was flat and the Heavens revolved around them. To Hell with anyone who questioned their authority and power.

  • Leonidas

    Well on the bright side, no one made her a czar of anything. So why is she important again?

    • kathykattenburg

      lol, Leonidas, let’s not miss an opportunity to bash Pres. Obama for a job title that former Pres. Reagan created!

  • Orly Taitz is just another of “da crazy folk” that need much less attention. Then she’ll fade away like embers in a BBQ grill.

  • mlhradio

    Isn’t she about 25 minutes past her 15 minutes of fame?

    Rather than focus on this particular person and case, Kathy, I would be more interested on an article on the current state of the whole Birther movement. A month or two ago, it was all the rage in right-wing circles, with discussion heating up all the internet blogs and cable shows. But it seems to me that about the same time the fake birth certificate came out, it almost completely disappeared off the mainstream radar, and the anti-Obama crowd moved on to other topics (mostly health care).

    Yes, I know that the whole birther nonsense has not disappeared – all you need to do is look at the recent little hullabaloo when tens of thousands of anti-Obama protesters met in Washington last week and read some of their signs to see that the birthers are still around. But it has definitely become more of a back-burner issue. Not the main focus any more (or the second, or the third focus even).

    But I’m interested in whether or not we’ve really put the issue behind us as a nation for good, or whether or not it will return again in the future? I know there will always be conspiracy theories and right-wing radicals that will cling to the idea, but are these people relegated to the fringe of the republican party like Orly Taitz, or is it still a slowly simmering topic that will come to a boil once again in the mainstream of the republican party in the future?

    • kathykattenburg

      I think the right is deeply embarrassed about it and would like the issue to just go away.

  • StockBoySF

    Those 17 loose screws are cradled in the hole in her head.

  • tidbits

    Kathy – Did you notice all the ironic parallels, personality and personal history, between Orly Taitz and the piece you did on Ayn Rand two days ago?

  • Leonidas

    lol, Leonidas, let’s not miss an opportunity to bash Pres. Obama for a job title that former Pres. Reagan created!

    Of course I wouldn’t miss it given the screws loose of at least one of those so appointed. A screw loose Czar in my mind is much worse than a scew loose non-entity even if the non-entity has more loose.

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