A Gallup poll confirms that rank-and-file GOP members have followed their leaders in saying “no” to Barack Obama with the widest gap in approval ratings by party for any first-year president in history, 23 percent against 65 for Democrats.

Obama, who started as a wannabe conciliator, faces his first State of the Union with a one-word reality: fractured. Now, the White House is signaling a new fighting tone both in the words of the President and those around him.

David Plouffe, his campaign manager who has just come aboard as an adviser, writes in an OpEd: “Instead of fearing what may happen, let’s prove that we have more than just the brains to govern–that we have the guts to govern.”

The President spent the best part of his first year wooing “reasonable” Republicans (an oxymoron, it turned out) and getting a near-zero for his pains on every major initiative. It soon became clear that the opposition had seceded from the legislative process as surely as the South had from the Union in the Civil War–that debating policy differences now was as futile as trying to compromise on slavery then.

The loss of Ted Kennedy’s seat may serve to rally the Administration like the firing on Ft. Sumter, as Obama pivots his focus from health care to “critical areas where middle-class families need a helping hand to get ahead,” as a White House leaker puts it.

Obama haters, who see him as a two-dimensional advocate for big-government tax-and-spending, may be in for a surprise…

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  • Silhouette

    The right wingnuts will never ever ever ever ever approve of anything Obama does because he is black, and he means change. If you’ve been working on a slow insertion strategy over the last couple of decades to completely subvert the power of the common people and hand it to corporate interests and suddenly a president comes in saying he’s going to expose you and revert your progress, and especially if you’re a racist and this president is half black, do you think they are ever going to promote him by siding with any issue he stands for?This is the fracture: Obama’s inability or unwillingness to acknowledge this one simple, hard and irrefutable truth.Obama’s fertile ground is those republicans stunned by the SCOTUS decision, along with moderates and naturally every single person left of center. That’s the majority BTW. They threw him and the entire democratic 2010 hopefuls this enormous bone.Now lets see how bad they f it up by not noticing it..

    • shannonlee

      It isn’t about black or change….it is about ideology. They support him on topics like Afghanistan.