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Posted by on Jun 18, 2013 in Crime, International, Law, Media, Places, Politics, Religion, Society, War | 1 comment

Oklahoma’s ‘Infidels’ and Our So-Called ‘Muslims’ (Sotal Iraq, Iraq)


While U.S. victims of disaster receive nearly immediate assistance from their fellow Americans, columnist Hassan Al-Khafaji of the Sotal Iraq newspaper is appalled at the treatment being meted out to victims of the Syrian civil war, who have fled for safety to the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan. According to Khafaji, ‘animals’ who call themselves Muslim and are ‘pimping’ and taking advantage of young women in the camp are the real ‘infidels’, and not the Americans, who at least come to the aid of the less fortunate among them.

For Sotal Iraq, Hassan Al-Khafaji writes in part:

Some Syrians have found themselves in hastily-built humanitarian aid camps. Some there have found their bodies, and those of their women and girls, ravaged by monsters in human form. Whatever was left of the honor of these poor souls has been stolen by evil predators from Jordan and the Gulf.

In Oklahoma, families have found themselves without a roof over their heads, after the latest tornado flattened their homes and possessions. However, they at least were greeted with open arms by generous souls who stood by them, embraced them, and eased their burdens. And despite the fact that Oklahoman members of the U.S. Senate always vote against disaster relief for other states, representatives from those states are nevertheless more caring and humane.

As the Oklahoma disaster and those that preceded it, such as Hurricane Sandy, the earthquake in China and the tsunami in Japan, have hit self-reliant societies, we have seen them accustom themselves and turn disasters into lessons for the future. We haven’t heard a single case of a woman from a disaster-struck city in any self-reliant society being forced to sell her honor in return for a scrap of food, shelter or a “bit of cash”!! And yet these are the peoples described by those with long, dirty, matted beards and Islamist-style robes as “infidels!”

We have seen films and heard stories about young men from Jordan and the Gulf who have nothing better to do than to go to these degrading camps full of lust, sick with desire, and with a complete lack of scruples or knowledge and respect for society. There in the camps, where residents have been taken prisoner and tyrannized, they practice prostitution and pimping. Which Islam do the perpetrators belong to, and which Islam do those who have been wronged belong to!!??

Muslim infidels of all ranks who call themselves Muslim and hide their disbelief, have committed deeds for which God will decide the punishment. We should pay tribute to the humanity and generosity of the “infidel” West, and be ashamed of the deeds committed by Arab heretics.

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