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Posted by on Jan 20, 2007 in Politics | 24 comments

Okay, So She’s Running . . .


Ed Morrissey at Captain’s Quarters on the anticlimactic political announcement of the young year:

“Of course, it wouldn’t be Hillary without getting Sillary. She tries for an Oprah-like chatty tone to her announcement, and winds up offering this laughable little nugget:

‘I’m not just starting a campaign, though, I’m beginning a conversation with you, with America,’ she said. ‘Let’s talk. Let’s chat. The conversation in Washington has been just a little one-sided lately, don’t you think?’

“It has? What happened on November 7th, a tea party? Puh-leeze. The Democrats have hardly been silent during Bush’s six years in office. They have been shrill, hysterical, and well-covered by the press and bloggers on both sides of the partisan divide. What they haven’t been, until the last midterms, is convincing. . . .”

“So in one day we’ve had Hillary and Sillary. Perhaps we’ll soon get Shrillary, who never stays quiet for long.”

Yours Truly on the anticlimactic political announcement of the young year:

“Right on, Captain Ed.

“About all I can add is that Hillary is not electable. Nor would I vote for her unless she was the lesser of two (or three) evils. She is an overweening opportunist who stands for whatever will advance her agenda and bring in the most dough.

“Iraq is the major issue of the last five years and Hillary has proven nothing if not that she is adept at talking out of both sides of her mouth while trying to bearhug the political middle.

“I’m not fooled and I predict a whole lot of other people won’t be fooled either.”

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  • CharlesJordan

    OKay, so like Leming are we supposed to act like this is really news just because it’s going to get wall to wall coverage? I guess we are supposed to act like its new information or we could chose to do otherwise.

  • Ya Sure

    …and with this announcment. The Republicans finally get good news.

  • Gary

    I’m not sure I’d vote for her in the primary, but I sure would in the national election. She may be a bit of an opportunist, but it pales in comparison to the things I’ve witnessed in the last few years.

    I’d prefer to see someone not named Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, etc. running on either side of the aisle. I like the illusion that we live in a democracy and anyone is capable of getting ahead. That gets harder by the year.

  • Daniel CAZ Greenberg

    Fantastic hi-res picture. Who took it?

  • Gary:

    Cling hard to that illusion, but not too hard. The buttons pop off very easily.

    Flip comment aside, I have been around Hillary some over the years (as in the same room, as in sitting across a conference room table and talking to her). It doesn’t matter that Hillary can’t turn on the charm like Ol’ Bill, who is the greatest politician of my generation, but I have always felt that she was, at heart, self-servingly insincere.

  • Lynx

    I still think she’d lose the general election. She’d motivate the base alright… the WRONG base. The conservative base hates her, and the liberal base is anything but crazy about her. Unless the republicans got someone dems absolutely hate nominated (like Romney) having Hillary on the dem ballot is a good thing for Republicans.

    C’mon, she’s about as big an opportunist as I can imagine, I think I’d rather vote for Giuliani. I remember her going after Grand Theft Auto because of the hidden sex scene (apparently the non-nude prostitution, drug running, gambling, obscenities and extreme violence aren’t bothersome).

  • Daniel:

    Evan Vucci of The Associated Press was the fotog. It is my hope that future TMV improvements will include the ability to chisel in credits under images.

    So hit the Tip Jar, okay?

  • Lynx:

    Yup, Hill would be the lesser of two evils if Rudy was running against her.

  • Paul Silver

    I am excited about Hillary’s campaign and would enjoy having a cool calculating competent President. Less ideological and more pragmatic. A Centrist and deal maker
    I think she will nurture progressive programs while staying open to conservative mechanisms. She has learned lots of lessons in hard ball politics and will be no ones fool.
    If she teams up with Obama it could be quite a captivating ticket.

  • Sorry to those who liked the picture so much: I had to make it smaller. Still same quality though.

  • uncle joe mccarthy

    her hubby is the greatest fundraiser in the history of the dem party…she will waltz into the primaries with a huge war chest…and money talks and gets votes

    right now the regressive talk show hosts are salivating

    hillary has now given them material for the next two years

    if it ends up mccain vs hillary in the general….woe to our great nation

  • Rick

    Hillary is Blah, blah, blah (Washington convential wisdom) blah, blah, blah. It would be nice to read something insightful rather than condemnation of Hillary for attrocities every politician commits. Oh no, she’s self serving. She’s not authentic. She wants power. If you cut off all her hair, you wouldn’t have to strain to see 2 perceptable horns. It seems that a lot of people are afraid of Hillary because there are a lot of pundits telling you to be afraid of her. What has she done that every other politician hasn’t done? What has she actually done to garner such irrational fear?

    She appears to have some real positive qualities such as: values hard work, is very intelligent, smart and competent. She seems more rational rather than ideological. Her ideas and opinions are center to center left. Frankly, I would be surprised if she were anything other than a moderate to slightly progressive who would on balance approach presidential decisions in a very competent and pragmatic way. For example, she would probably decisions regarding corporate interests with labor interests in a very balanced pragmatic way. You have provided few reasons as to why she would be a terrible president. Instead, you’ve just repeated the preferred narrative which is long on fear and short on policy disagreements.


  • vwcat

    I am a lifelong democratic female and may I say: I hate Hillary.
    I hope she gets crushed.
    They say all women are thrilled. Excuse me? I know of only one who likes her. Everyone else hates her.
    And for those on the right: do not be fooled by the media. The democratic voters are not into Hillary. We probably dislike her far more than you guys do. We dont’ trust her and we think she is nothing more than a consultant driven inside the beltway fake.
    So, when you talk to your other right wing friends, please let them know she is not loved on this side either!

  • Upinsmoke

    The democratic party once again is shooting themselves in the foot and havent even realized it yet again…..for the umpteenth time.

    Hillary? Not electable. Edwards, Gore, Kerry……..losers….In that they have lost elections and the graveyards are full of dead politicians who have run and run and run and never made it to the presidency. Once you lose you get this subtle tag that is very hard to get rid of.

    Which gives us the wild card. Obama. Great. Now were offering up a suma cume laude Lawyer/Muslim. How much worse can it get for the democrats. They trully love the little man.

  • Gina

    Oh, I agree! Hillary Rodham Clinton *is* the ultimate opportunist. She jumped at the opportunity and tried her darnedest over a decade ago to implement national healthcare. And the opportunistic efforts she has routinely engaged in during her long career to champion and bring awareness to the needs and sometimes even neglect of society’s most vulnerable, namely, our children, are well documented. If only our current administration and other political extremists of all stripes would take such opportunites, instead of opportunistically working as hard as *they* can to enact policies that widen the gap between the haves & the have nots. I hope the People of the United States take the upcoming opportunity to carefully evaluate every candidate and pick one (for a much needed change) who is competent, intelligent, willing to honestly listen to and engage a diverse range of viewpoints, and who has demonstrated true compassion in policies fought for and enacted (instead of cynically using the term “compassion” as a mere slogan.) Political extremists of all stripes *are afraid* of Hillary because she *does* represent a centerist/progressive view, which threatens their powerbase, because that is territory most U.S. Americans can relate to and find common ground with. Fear of the healthy changes in policy Hillary Clinton represents brings out a lot of rabid fearmongering and very inappropriate personal attacks. Come on — *”Sillary?”* *”Shrillary?”* Instead of attempting to dehumanize and demonize her, discuss and enlighten us on why you do not support Hillary Clinton based on substantive issues and policies she has supported or enacted.

  • Lynx

    Notice Upinsmoke already taking up the “Obama=Muslim” mantle with exactly zero evidence. What’s next in the winger handbook Upinsmoke? Constantly “misspelling” Obama as Osama or just directly calling him “Hussein”? C’mon, give us the insiders view!

    Ohhhh and lawyer, we wouldn’t want one of THEM now would we? I mean, a lawyer would be a terrible thing

    If that’s all you’ve got, then we’ve nothing to be afraid of.

  • “Iraq is the major issue of the last five years and Hillary has proven nothing if not that she is adept at talking out of both sides of her mouth while trying to bearhug the political middle.”

    This seems to be an observation where many voters from the three main political camps are d’accord…

  • FWIW — I’m also a lifelong female (albeit nonpartisan), and I like Hillary. I just don’t know whether she can overcome the burden of all that baggage she’s lugging around.

    And it’s very discouraging to see the “Obama is a Muslim” meme regurgitated here of all places.

  • Shaun: ‘but I have always felt that she was, at heart, self-servingly insincere.’

    Others here call her an opportunist, etc. Whay politician IS NOT? At the heart of the job description comes the caveat to be a sellout and not have conviction.

    OTOH, look at Bush, who’s as stolid as a rock. Perhaps a bit more fingers in the air is needed.

  • Jim S

    How many people really believe that when the rubber hits the road Guiliani can actually make it through a nomination process that is heavily dominated by the most conservative members of the Republican party? Then there’s McCain, who’s so busy currying favor with the Dobson wing of the party that it’s grown disgusting to everyone who isn’t hopelessly blinded by their infatuation with him, not realizing how much of a standard conservative Republican he is except on a very few issues. I thought much better of him until reading more and more of his actual stands on most issues. People question the sincerity of Hillary while giving McCain a pass on his activities to curry favor with Bush supporters and others in the Republican party who view him with distrust. Please.

  • Laimdota

    She is not sincere? If you like sincere, you should be happy with Bush’s sincere faith-based approach to nation leading.
    I think she is unelectable precisely because of this kind of insincere evaluation. For one reason or another, Hillary evokes a gut reactions masquerading as political analysis.
    It’s a shame, because the nation does need a centrist, and she is one such.
    I think her presidency would be doomed, even were she to get there, because the entire time would be spent refighting her husband’s political battles.
    But that’s not her fault, it’s her tragedy.

  • jjc

    Hillary is down the list of my preferred candidates, but I have to acknowledge that Gina et al. have a pretty good point. I think Shaun’s reaction is of the sort that ought to be subject to some pretty hard skepticism–not that any of us wouldn’t react the same way, but even if we would, so what?

    My problem is that I don’t have much of a sense of what her ambition is in the service of, if anything. Again, a question that could probably be asked of any or all of the candidates. But something about her seems to bring out the skepticism.

    However much we ought to be skeptical (meta-skeptical?) of Shaun’s reaction, I suspect that Hillary will fall short because so many share that reaction. I don’t see how a candidate succeeds having to tell the voters, in effect, “don’t trust your gut.”

  • I am a moderate Republican, and I don’t want Sen. Clinton to be a candidate. I wouldn’t consider voting for her (whereas I would consider voting for Gov. Richardson).

    She is highly talented at crafting detailed policy. That’s the job of a Senator or Representative. The job of the President is to lead the people, and I do not think that Sen. Clinton has shown true leadership as of yet. Also, I’d rather vote for a Governor in general, and I do not particularly admire the transparency with which Clinton manipulates her image.

  • Upinsmoke

    Thats why we are having this debate. Until it gets settled the Democrats once again are throwing out a candidate with a boxcar full of strange BAGGAGE. A Candidate that was schooled in INDONESIA. GEEZE what the hell is the Democrats thinking?????

    I offer up KERRY as an example of how the democrats take a winning situation and find a way to lose…..He shows up and salutes and says Reporting for Duty. Replete with his own personal videotapes of his dramatic service in Vietnam. Then instead of debating the issues he spends the next 6 months defending his service record in Vietnam………WHY?

    Because the DEMS were forcing GWB to DEFEND HIS…….its called Politcis. Get used to it LYNX…..Im only saying what will be the main contention for the next 2 years.

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