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Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in Guest Contributor, Politics | 0 comments

Obama voter database

It looks like the Democratic Party is going to be making more extensive use of the same technology it used to help win this year’s election.

On the whole I’m inclined to see this as a net positive; for the first time, the “youth vote” was a real factor. Things that get people more involved in our political system are by and large a good thing in my view. Although to be clear, I hope Republicans do something similar, and fix or replace the broken Orca.

Despite what anyone may think, I think it’s important that we have healthy, vibrant, and functional Democratic and Republican Parties. I do hope Republicans choose to re-evaluate a lot of things for 2016, because I don’t want to see either party crippled forever. They need each other, they really do.

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