Tonight’s installment of the “Mitt and Rick Show,” AKA presidential debates, will introduce a new fringe character to be ignored—-former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson, who will bring to the party the novelty of a GOP wannabe who favors gay rights.

Meanwhile, the Texas governor keeps providing colorful language for the long-running sitcom by denouncing Romney to Fox News, “We need to nominate someone who has a stark clear difference between the Republican nominee and President Obama. We don’t need to nominate Obama-lite.”

This inadvertently (?) racist remark won’t gain as much traction as “Ponzi scheme” in Florida unless it prompts one of the other candidates desperate for attention to dub Perry “George W. Bush dark” for his record highs of executions and lows of health care coverage.

Otherwise, tonight’s chapter could well be titled “Bye Bye Bachmann…”


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  • Allen

    It’s pretty clear that none of the current Republican candidates have a snowball’s chance in the furnace of becoming President of the United States. I fully expect others to pop-up along the way because this bunch isn’t even a good place holder for a real party nominee. Even Boehner today on CSPAN looked like a cornered squirrel about to be skinned.

    This the best you got GOP?

  • Cannonshop

    How in hell could it be that I’m going to agree with Allen on…ANYTHING??

    Fact: Obama will, based on his opposition, get a second term. The GOP just doesn’t have a candidate that can win. The effective ones have figured out they can be more effective at the lower levels, and the ones running for POTUS just don’t have the combination of charisma and record to beat him-including Gary Johnson (the most palatable of the current crop.)

  • JSpencer

    I keep telling people, don’t over-estimate the common sense (much less intellect) of the American people. They put George W. Bush into the White house not once, but twice. How bloody stupid was that? Does anyone really think they’ve learned anything since then? When people are desperate they will do desperate things, meaning things not based on rational thought. Rick Perry would likely be even worse than GWB, but many fools will look at him as a savior nonetheless. If Obama is to gain a second term he will need to EARN it.

  • dduck

    JS is correct. Besides Bush, they put Obama, an inexperienced Elmer Gantry in once.
    And, forget Perry, his jet will flame out and it will probably be Romney, as an Obama-Lite as Obama is a Bush-Lite. (Give me a Bass Ale anytime.)

  • DaGoat

    This will probably be a repeat of 2004, where the challenger Kerry was such a weak candidate that an unpopular Bush was able to win. Now we’ll probably have used car salesman Romney up against the inept Obama. If Perry gets the nomination I’m definitely voting third party.

    And “Obama-lite” is racist? Give me a break.