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Posted by on Jan 26, 2009 in Politics, Science & Technology | 0 comments

Obama Inherits Google Bomb “Failure” Link From Bush

Former President George Bush left President Barack Obama a lot of things which have been dutifully chronicled by the old mainstream and new media. But one item has been overlooked: he inherited Bush’s “Google bomb” linking the Texan in searches with the word “failure.”

The L.A. Time’s Top of the Ticket blog reports:

On his way out, President Bush unintentionally dropped a bomb on President Obama: a “Google bomb.”

Along with an economic crisis and a host of national challenges, Obama inherited a link to an embarrassing Google term, as reported our friends at the Times Technology blog. Remember that prank the blogosphere pulled on Bush a few years ago that skyrocketed the former president’s White House profile page to the top spot for a Google search for “miserable failure?”

It turns out that if you do a search for “failure,” the top entry takes you to Obama’s White House House page.

And on Yahoo? Obama comes up second if you look after “miserable failure” — right after Bush.

Somewhere, Ralph Nader is smiling…

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