• Silhouette

    The GOP does behave very much like a $poiled toddler having a tantrum in the face of the inevitable…

    Grow up and invest according to the trends health insurance people! You knew this was coming. If you spent a fraction of your tantrum money on new investments following projected social trends, you’d be doing quite well in ten years instead of tanking.

    Do we have to hold your hand and show you the future or can you just learn to walk on your own?

    • jchem

      Grow up and invest according to the trends health insurance people!

      Gee, Sil, I think you should take your own advice, as your entire comment could be thrown right back at you. You know, regarding DADT, marriage, etc…just sayin’

      BTW, love the cartoon!

    • obamaiscarter

      Replace the elephant with a picture that represents an American public that doesn’t want the terrible Obamacare bill and the cartoon would be an accurate representation of the arrogance of the modern day Democratic Party. As for the GOP tanking, yeah, they are tanking so bad that more and more election watchers are predicting they recapture the House.

  • Silhouette

    If I was an betting person, I wouldn’t bet on the majority of Americans supporting something they aren’t sure we need, such as mainstreaming homosexuality without fully understanding the nature of how people become homosexual as being environmental [society is an environment]. I would however have long ago, the minute I sniffed that Barack Obama might win, or even as far back as Hillary, have been switching my assets over to the new and inevitable trend that reflects the MAJORITY’S desire to have decent healthcare that won’t banktrupt them.

    That is in investing what we would call a “sure thing”. And now we’re supposed to listen to them cry and whine about how many fewer yachts their CEOs will be able to afford if they have public competition?

    Boo hoo! Waaaaaaaaaaaa!

    You guys like the ruthless shark of capitalism right? Sink or swim? The health insurers long ago decided to be bullys against a tidal wave. Tidal wave wins. Sink.

  • DLS

    The honest cartoon would have the voters in the chair (shows what elitists think of us), or already, Medicaid recipients, to be followed by Medicare recipients if the “reform” legislation gets passed and Medicare gets cannibalized.

    The 3.25% Medicaid pay cut scheduled to take effect April 1 in Oklahoma will lead most of the state’s physicians to stop seeing at least some Medicaid patients, according to recent survey responses from more than 200 doctors.

    16.9% would continue to accept new Medicaid patients
    45.9% would stop seeing new Medicaid patients
    37.2% would stop seeing all Medicaid patients


  • DLS

    Two for Sil

    1. “this is an industry that acts as if it will have trouble making money unless regulators allow it to cover only injuries suffered by a young single male hit by an asteroid”


    2. Steffie…