F. Fitzgerald said there “are are no second acts in American lives” — but there apparently are second acts in conservative ideologues who wish to flaunt their studity. An so I submit to you one Rep. Phil Gringley:

U.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.) said that former Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) was “partly right” regarding Akin’s remarks — which were proven untrue by doctors — about women being able to prevent pregnancy if they are raped.

Speaking at a suburban-Atlanta chamber of commerce breakfast, Gingrey also said that he’s been an OB-GYN since 1975 and tells infertile couples “all the time” to just “relax” in order to conceive, according to The Marietta Daily Journal.

“[In] Missouri, Todd Akin … was asked by a local news source about rape and he said, ‘Look, in a legitimate rape situation’ — and what he meant by legitimate rape was just look, someone can say I was raped: a scared-to-death 15-year-old that becomes impregnated by her boyfriend and then has to tell her parents, that’s pretty tough and might on some occasion say, ‘Hey, I was raped.’ That’s what he meant when he said legitimate rape versus non-legitimate rape,” Gingrey said.

Gingrey, a co-chair of the GOP Doctors Caucus, continued: “I don’t find anything so horrible about that. But then he went on and said that in a situation of rape, of a legitimate rape, a woman’s body has a way of shutting down so the pregnancy would not occur. He’s partly right on that.”

And there is now the invetible, predictable (partial)walk back:
On Friday, Gingrey’s office provided a statement, in which, he appeared to be distancing himself from the remarks, which he said were misconstrued:

“At a breakfast yesterday morning, I was asked why Democrats made abortion a central theme of the presidential campaign. I do not defend, nor do I stand by, the remarks made by Rep. Akin and Mr. [Richard] Mourdock. In my attempt to provide context as to what I presumed they meant, my position was misconstrued,” he said in the statement.

It doesn’t sound like the GOP is doing too well in its (supposed) efforts to win over more women voter.

P.S. Doesn’t it seem as politicians (who say dumb or politically self-destructive things) are always misunderstood?

JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
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  • sheknows

    Where to begin…the mind boggles. ” He’s partly right on that” ? which part..?
    So if the woman was “relaxed” during her rape, that’s why she conceived, and if not her body wouldn’t allow it?
    Did this man even study medicine? Strange that an OBGYN doen’t even understand basic ovulation cycles.

    Republican partisanship obviously replaces gray matter with ….”no matter.”

  • The Republican Party needs to conduct a training, attendance at which would be required of all office holders, would-be office holders and anyone who would ever deem to speak on behalf of the party. This training would be very simple. It would consist of three days of repeating, “If the word rape is uttered, tape your mouth shut and flee the room.”

  • sheknows

    LOL…also the word guns, minorities, and the term womens rights.

  • dduck

    Tidbits, my mouth is taped, but my brain can still discern shades of gray between black and white.

  • slamfu

    I don’t think these comments should offend women voters. They should offend ALL voters who don’t want to see willfully ignorant jackasses holding high office.

  • Willwright

    This cretin is actually my Congressman. I didn’t vote for him. Chances of getting rid of him a couple of years not likely, there is talk of him running for the Senate. He represents the extreme right of the GOP. Thank god that in most of the country people like this couldn’t be elected to any office. Within twenty years with demographic changes hopefully he won’t be electable in Georgia either.

  • ShannonLeee

    A perfect example of why many Reps now identify as independents.

  • Jim Satterfield

    Abortion is discussed by the opposition to the GOP because while they don’t campaign hard on it in the general election limiting it if not completely banning it is an essential part of what the GOP wants to do once they are in office.

  • yoopermoose

    “At a breakfast yesterday morning, I was asked why Democrats made abortion a central theme of the presidential campaign.”

    Yes. Why did Dems make abortion a theme of the campaign. Hmmm…could it be because of all the new laws republicans have been passing in the states and tried to pass in the house restricting reproductive rights? Sometimes the mind boggles.