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Posted by on Sep 14, 2011 in At TMV | 1 comment

NY-9 and NV-2 Voting (UPDATED)

Polls are closed in both New York and Nevada.

Last update: The Republicans win both races, though Weprin still has not conceded, the race is over.

At this point in NY-9 we have 448/512 precincts counted and Turner leads by about 5,000 votes out of 60,000 cast. He is winning Brooklyn 2-1 while Weprin has a 51-49 lead in Queens.

Of course his tenure in the House is likely to be short. New York is slated to lose 2 seats and tradition is that they lose 1 seat for each party and 1 seat for NYC and 1 seat for outside NYC.

Turner is likely to fill the NYC and GOP spots and be paired in one of the 10-1 Democratic districts in Brooklyn or Queens.

In Nevada with 825/858 precincts counted, Republican Amodei leads Democrat Marshall by a 58-36 margin and she has conceded.

He is likely to remain in that seat for a while.

Update #5: Reports are that Marshall (D) has conceded in Nevada 2

Update #4: AP Calls it For Turner.

With about 2/3rds of the precincts in the Associated Press has called the race for Republican Turner, who leads 53-47. He continues to lead 69-31 in Brookyln while Weprin has a 51-49 edge in Queens.

Expect the other networks to follow.

This is the first time the district has elected a Republican since 1920 and the first time Brooklyn has had a GOP Congressman since 1960.

Update #3: Over half the vote tallied in NY-9 and it’s looking grim for Democrat Weprin. The vote in Queens varies from a tie to a slight Weprin lead while Turner continues to romp in Brooklyn, up 2-1 or better.

The net is a 53-47 lead for the Republican.

Of course it is possible heavily Democratic areas remain out but given that the area hasn’t elected a Republican since 1920, it does not look good.

Update #2: Still tightening, so hope remains for Weprin. He still trails 17.408 to 15,845 (52-48) but he is holding a 51-49 lead in Queens and has trimmed Turner to a 69-30 lead in Brooklyn. However unless he expands his Queens lead he is still going to have a tough night

In Nevada still only about 10% of the vote in and Amodei (R) leads 57-38.

Updated: The vote is getting a bit closer but Turner still leads 52-48. The Queens vote has now tipped to Weprin 50-49 but Brooklyn vote remains heavily for Turner 71-28. Still not enough vote to really call a trend but it is not positive for Weprin so far

In Nevada a few precincts in and GOP Amodei holds a 2-1 lead over Marshall, but less that 10% in

The folks at Kos do not sound optimistic on NY-9.

In New York they have 100 out of 512 precincts reporting (20% or so) and GOP candidate Turner leads Democrat Werpin by a respectable 6,677-5,711 margin (about 54-46). Turner is doing much better in the Brooklyn portion of the district (72%) than Queens (52%) but there are still a lot of votes to count.

Only 1 precinct is in so no real votes to report yet.

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  • superdestroyer

    I wonder which website will be the first one to accuse the Jews of NYC of being racist who just do not want to have a black president.

    Since the Democrats are left with nothing but class hatred and the race card I suspect that the race card will be played first.

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