Now Blogging Is Getting Litigious Among Bloggers


A conservative blogger is reportedly threatening a liberal blogger with a lawsuit.

(Should we all hire lawyers to parse our words and images now?)


  1. FYI I just had to delete a comment. A bit too xrated for this site, plus we try to avoid personal attacks. It’s always better to focus on the ideas and issues. So do leave a comment but let’s keep it clean and issue oriented.

  2. Tully says:

    Is it OK if we laugh at both of them?

    Seriously silly stuff, that.

  3. Chuck Prez says:

    Joe feel free to delete the above…i’m just playing (although i just contacted my lawyer and the above was parody so we’re safe)

  4. Joe Gandelman says:

    Yes. I have to delete it. We have a problem with comments, which include some complaints from not just a few readers but some cobloggers. I’m not around all the time but we will be giving gentle reminders.

  5. vwcat says:

    Taylor is a favorite blogger of mine and I read that article. She made a typo. Big deal. And the picture was a general google pic.
    I posted at Taylor’s that conservatives always bitch about judges and litigation yet are the first to run to a lawyer whenever their feeling get hurt.

  6. Jim S says:

    I’ve read about Schlussel and forced myself to read some of her stuff that was linked to. She one of those right wing bloggers that give them all a bad name.

  7. Kim Ritter says:

    vwcat- You are so right about conservatives and their attitudes towards litigation. I guess its the rest of us who aren’t supposed to sue when there’s a problem, lol!

  8. carpeicthus says:

    But liberals want people to be able to sue over silly things, like a corporation dumping toxic waste in your yard, instead of important things, like someone using a publicity photo.

  9. Sam says:

    The stick figure is a nice touch.

  10. Kim Ritter says:

    Remember, the Reagans were dead set against stem cell research until Ronnie got Alzheimer’s Disease. Then Mrs. Reagan became a champion for the issue.

  11. reader_iam says:

    I’d say all concerned should take a deep breath–except there’s no judging how misjudged such a statement might be.

  12. uncle joe mccarthy says:

    debs must be hard up for caishe….jeez, this is stupid

  13. jerry says:

    It’s always hard to know who looks more like the Salt Monster. Is it Debbie Schlussel? Or Susan Estrich?



    Salt Monster:

    Google thinks I’m all wet and says that Susan looks much much more like Balok — google Susan Estrich if you don’t belive me. But I think google is wrong here.

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