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  • JSpencer

    Fair point in general, but with this caveat: The 2000 election left reasonable doubts about the legitimacy of it’s results, so I think people might be forgiven for viewing that particular prez as not being entirely a product of democracy… as compared to Obama’s election, for example – which was far from being a squeeker.

    • JeffersonDavis

      I did not vote for Obama and regret voting for McCain. I was one that said, “He’s now our President. Let’s get behind him.” Of course the luster of that comment wore off quickly with the blatant leftward swing of his policies. I truly believe that he does not represent the majority of Americans with his leftist agenda. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that the “regular Joe” out there does not support socialism as it stands in Canada and Europe. But he still is MY President. I just wish he’d ask some us what we think and act accordingly.

      • Hey JD — Yes, of course there was a blatant leftward swing when Obama took office. After 8 years of extreme conservatism from the very right-wing, blantantly hawkish, far religious right, anti-environment, anti-intellectual, was there any other way to swing?

        • JeffersonDavis

          You’re giving GW way too much credit there. He was HARDLY an extreme conservative. Hawkish, yes; anti-environment, to a point; anti-intellectual – no. You’d have to back up the term anti-intellectual, because your idea of intellectualism and mine most likely oppose one another – or not.

          We had the GOP controlled Congress and they screwed up. They got theres in 2006. In two years of DNC control, Congress did what? All that they succeeded to do was to ignore the impending economic crisis on the horizon (Barney Frank & Chis Dodd) that were building. Now they have even more power with a Democrat in the oval office.

          The point is that Bush got us into debt like a moron. Congress is now doubling that debt. Both bush and the Congress are to blame there.

  • ElZagna

    Can someone explain this cartoon to me? I don’t get it.

    • peten

      It doesn’t make any sense. A much better 4th panel would be a bunch of tea-partiers with the caption: “Black? Not my president!”

  • Leonidas

    It hasn’t been my president since 1992. Although I do mostly approve of the job that Bill Clinton did with the help of a Republican controlled Congress.

  • DLS

    “I do mostly approve of the job that Bill Clinton did with the help of a Republican controlled Congress.”

    That was at the behest of the people, as expressed in 1994 — against a blatant lurch leftward. (On planet Earth, Americans reject this. That is, the mainstream, not any extremist rightist phantom or symptom of delusion or disease.)

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