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Posted by on Sep 10, 2013 in Business, Crime, Economy, Finance, International, Law, Media, Military, Places, Politics, Religion, Terrorism, War | 1 comment

‘Not a Single Soldier, Not a Single Peso’ for Syrian Misadventure! (La Jornada, Mexico)


What would the ultimate aim of a strike on Syria be? For Mexico’s La Jornada, columnist Guillermo Almeyra warns that standing behind the attack is Western capitalism doing what it always does: launching a major war in order to restore itself after a disastrous economic crisis, this time at the expense of the Arab people.

For La Jornada, Guillermo Almeyra, laying out a Latin American left view of the Syria crisis, writes in part:

The war they are about to launch against Syria seeks, ultimately, to return to square one the open process of decolonization that began after World War II, install the imperial vassal Israel as the only power in the region, and defeat the process of democratization in the Arab world. Above all, this is a typical response of capitalism to a long economic crisis that appears without end: international financial capital expects, as it has in the past, to break the deadlock with a great war that will destroy property, deprive millions of people of their lives, and create a situation requiring massive reconstruction under conditions of global servitude and enslavement.

So it all fits together: rising unemployment rates in Europe; a massive reversal of social progress; raising the retirement age and cutting social assistance, as in France; speculative attacks against the Brazilian currency; decisions by the United States in favor of vulture capitalists, as in the case of Argentina, in order to bankrupt it; and efforts to destabilize Venezuela, along with the repression in Tunisia and counterrevolution in Egypt, which even includes an alliance with the forces of Mubarak.

If Russia (and China) had not resisted the imperialist operation in Syria, it would have been their own necks in the guillotine, and would have opened the way to a colonization of Iran and its territories. In other words, a world that combines a brutal reduction in human rights with a Nazi-style return of racism, colonialization, and the slavery and exploitation of hundreds of millions of human beings.

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