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Posted by on Aug 4, 2009 in Breaking News, Places, Politics | 16 comments

North Korea ‘Pardons’ Two Journalists

North Korean’s Supreme Nutjob has ‘pardoned’ the two journalists they have been holding captive and they will be on the way home soon.

Obviously this is good news but I’m not sure we really need to celebrate too much over what former President Clinton may or may not have done. The fact is that North Korea in effect kidnapped these two innocent women, held them hostage and didn’t let them go until they got the payoff of a visit from a former President of The United States.

Certainly I am not going to argue that we should have left these women to suffer in prison just to avoid having Clinton go over, but I also think we need to be careful not to set too much of a pattern. As anyone who has spent time with a three year old will tell you, if you keep giving in they will keep pushing.

But regardless of what needs to be done in the future, great news for the families of the freed hostages.

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  • Lit3Bolt

    I fail to see any possible negative in this. When dealing with bat-shi’ite insane regimes, incidents like this are par for the course. It’s just part of the Kabuki theater of diplomacy we have to play.

  • SteveK

    Lit3Bolt writes: “I fail to see any possible negative in this.”

    Lit3Both that’s because you’re not looking at it through the partisan eye of a conservative. According to the right anything (and everything) done by a Democrat MUST have a downside.

    Look at the two “good news” stories here today: New G.I. Bill and this one re: North Korea… Now look at what [SOME ON] the right [ARE] saying in them..

    EDIT: I changed “… look at what the right is saying in them.’ TO: “look at what SOME ON the right ARE saying in them.” Thanks AR

  • AustinRoth

    This is one that we should just be happy about. Nothing ‘partisan’ about it. If all it took was face time with Clinton to make it happen, then great.

    And that is twice in one day SteveK and I fully agree. I think I need to go see if the sun is still shining. 🙂

  • troosvelt_1858

    Well as I hoped I made clear, I don’t see a negative to the events of today, but I do think it is worth considering the future and remembering you can’t always play the game.

    • bloomsbury


  • StockBoySF

    What I got out of Patrick’s post was that North Korea acted like “‘bad boys” by kidnapping Americans and that we “rewarded” them for their bad behavior by sending a former US President (doesn’t matter what Dems or Republicans think about Clinton- the North Koreans view him as a world leader and they were able to command a meeting with him and receive attention). We need to be careful in such situations. We don’t want to spoil the three year-old brats. The North Koreans don’t want to become irrelevant.

    I think it’s a good observation by Patrick.

  • DLS

    Actually, there’s no evidence or proof the journalists were innocent, is there?

    That Bill Clinton was sent over there is the most intriguing aspect of all this, including what it may mean for future approaches to the Iranians and Palestinan terrorists in the Middle East, for example.

    That, and future, more-important North Korean issues like nukes, missiles, stability, succession, future reunification (not to mention food and energy aid to prevent North Korea’s collapse). I still hope one or more of these topics were also addressed, behind closed doors or not.

  • archangel

    Bill Clinton has previous close in ties to some of the higher ups in North Korea. He did not go in as a former president first and foremost. He went in as a person who knows various people there from long ago. Smart move.

  • Lit3Bolt

    Sorry Patrick. I just hear the “we should be careful about appeasement” cautionary tale and I reflexively kick back, because it’s misused so often. We should be careful, but there are so many dynamics at play it makes hard to think of a situation like this where we shouldn’t play-act with a dying dictator in platform shoes just to make them feel important. It doesn’t really cost us anything if that’s all it takes.

    Who knows. Maybe we did have to funnel them some oil or U-238 to secure release.

  • shannonlee

    I was stated before, this could be a great start to who knows what kind of negotiations in the future. Sending Clinton over was a brilliant move in my opinion.

    And as far as I know, those reporters illegally entered NK and were tossed in jail because of it. So it isn’t like they were waiting for a bus in Reseda and were kidnapped.

  • Can we be grateful for the release?, , , ,this is a situation where we could so easily see a win/win. . .if George Bush or John McCain had been the negotiator then still it would be a positive. . . .maybe it does not always have to be about the Dem and Reps. . . .just every once in awhile reach out our hands and lips with thanksgiving and honor. . . .

    Thanks for all the powers that be for their return. . . .who really cares if they are innocent or might of infringed on the border rights, we know the punishment was beyond the rim of what any of us would view as justice. . .if these young women where your wife, your sister, your daughter?. . . I bet your heart would be breathing “bring them home” with every beat where every expansion was reaching out in love and every contraction was an inexpressible sorrow and loss. . . .

    why can we not hold that which is good without continuously ripping some unworthy other?

    sometimes it is best if the mind opens through the heart. . . .

  • “And as far as I know, those reporters illegally entered NK and were tossed in jail because of it.”

    I’ve got to agree with shannonlee here. This is not to say in any way that I think it was poor judgment or wrong to work for the release of these two journalists. I am relieved that they are on their way home. I do want to say that when someone comes into our country from one of our greatest enemies, we don’t exactly throw down the welcome mat unless they’ve specifically applied for and been granted asylum. I think this played out very well, that the higher-ups among our countrymen should definitely work hard to gain the return of Americans held in foreign (particularly enemy) countries, but I don’t see North Korea as having kidnapped the two journalists. That said, I don’t want to confuse my point with defending Kim Jong Il or any of the policies of North Korea.

  • StockBoySF

    So if Clinton is going to be the cure for all the problems we have with North Korea I guess he should just move there. :=)

  • 1556

    Yes I can believe all of the negative comments coming from the “Right” ; what else do they have to talk about. Oh, dis the “Cash for Clunkers” program and the President being born in kenya, sorry I forgot about those two very important issues.

  • tothebraindeadleft

    Does anybody care to ask why they were there, who sent two women to a dangerous part of the world, how much it cost to get them back and how do they plan to repay the American public for the cost? Where are the journalists that are probing Bush/Cheney? Why aren’t they asking these important questions? Maybe this whole incident is Bush’s fault too! Or Cheney’s! Or Al Gore?
    P.S. I would appreciate it if you don’t report me to the White House for writing this email, because they are watching me.

    • StockBoySF

      tothebraindeadleft: “P.S. I would appreciate it if you don’t report me to the White House for writing this email, because they are watching me.”

      Yup, I can guarantee you that the WH is watching you- using programs and technology put in place by the Bush administration.

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