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Posted by on Jan 14, 2013 in Featured, Politics | 6 comments

No Labels, Version 2.0 Seeks Problem Solvers

Founded in 2010, No Labels was originally designed to be a forum for political moderates for the purpose of fostering inter-party communication and cooperation. Its goals originally focused on long-range reforms such as redistricting and campaign finance reform. With its devotion to difficult long-range reform and its call only to those who considered themselves moderates, the group, despite lofty ideals, never took off.

Under the direction of Mark McKinnon, former advisor to Pres. George W. Bush, and with leadership from Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Jon Huntsman (R- UT), the organization is trying again. Both the membership and the goals of the organization will be different in version 2.0. Membership calls will be going out not just to moderates, but to those of any political persuasion in either party who voice a willingness to speak with others across the aisle and participate in practical problem solving governance rather than hyper-partisanship.

In addition to new membership criteria, No Labels in its new form has also changed its goals to workable short term reforms. These include, for example, moving Congress from a three-day work week to a five-day work week, withholding Congressional pay if Congress fails to pass a budget, requiring up or down votes on all presidential nominees within 90 days of nomination, and amending the Senate’s filibuster rules. To foster practical cooperation and problem solving, the group proposes monthly meetings of its Congressional members to develop both personal respect and practical idea sharing.

So far the organization has attracted about a dozen members of the current House and Senate. Their goal is to get to approximately 75 members currently serving in Congress as well as members of the public and leading policy voices. To learn more about No Labels, here is an article from the Washington Post about the organization and a link to their website .

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