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  • zephyr

    Oh really? Then why hasn’t it been occurring on a larger scale in American politics?

  • petew

    The current way that Congress works (or doesn’t) has no resemblance to how it once functioned. You might say that Grover Norquist is the inspiration for this completely arbitrary change forced down the throats of the GOP lawmakers. Although Republicans still claim to care for the working class, the reality in Congress indicates that this has become nothing but a cruel hoax. Congressional heroes like Paul Ryan also continue speaking with a brazen insistence on radical changes,that are supposedly needed to repair our slowly recovering economy. He now represents a leader that others rally around simply because of his stubborn ideological grip, and his blind insistence on his own economic principles.

    Once it was Reagan who motivated his constituents on Capitol HIll. It is now those offering extreme and self-righteously promoted economic policies that lure the GOP as a whole—following behind their lead like Mice following the seductive flute of the Pied Piper of Hamilton. A strong leader, now trumps any credible political ideas, just because some kind of definite Republican direction is perceived as being better than none at all!

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