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Posted by on Sep 8, 2009 in Media, Politics, Society | 36 comments

Newt Gingrich Must Be a Socialist, A Rino, a Liberal Democrat or a Maoist


THIS JUST IN!!! Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich must really be a socialist, a RINO, a liberal Democrat, or a Maoist. the reason: he has praised Barack Obama’s upcoming speech to schoolkids, in one of his Twitters: RT @newtgingrich: Just read President Obamas speech to students. It is a good speech & will be good for students to hear.

Another person who has been presenting himself as a Republican now also shows signs that he must really be a Marxist, a Mao worshipper, Fidel Castro mole, Hugo Chavez groupie, perhaps a closet Nazi/Fascist (pick your buzzword), or someone who doesn’t wear underwear. A radical by the name of Joe Scarborough. He also had some good things to say via Twitter about the advance of Obama’s danger-to-democracy speech to schoolkids:

The message the President will deliver is one that all students should hear.

[h/T MyDD]

But seriously, folks: don’t expect the fact that Obama’s speech isn’t much different than Ronald Reagan’s or George HW Bush’s to change things.

Those who claimed Obama’s speech was going to be a partisan, Marxist, cult of personality, speech to poison their kiddies’ minds with liberalism/socialism (pick your favorite buzzword) will still insist it was dangerous.

There will be all kinds of attempts to rationalize having enough egg on their faces to make an omelette big enough to serve all of the Denny’s’ in America, and having discredited themselves by basically crying “Wolf!!!”

You can already see some claim that Obama’s actual speech is tame because it has now been cleaned up, altered from its original version.

Apparently somewhere some of these folks have seen the real copy of Obama’s speech — which apparently no one in the old media or new media has actually seen.

It’s probably held by the same person who has the real plans for Obama’s death panels that would kill grandma and other senior citizens, and who also has a copy of the real birth certificate that shows Obama was born in Kenya or perhaps on Mars — which is far away from the moon, where Glenn Beck lives.

In the wake of this manufactured-for-ratings-and-partisan-gain furor, look for the actual airing of the Obama speech to get far more coverage than it would have without the 24/7 outrage fest surrounding it.

And look for many Americans who don’t accept whatever Glenn and Rush and Sean say as the Gospel to wonder what the frenzy was all about.

Some may conclude it was all about unfettered partisanship and the rank hatreds that all too frequently these days stem from it and are inspiring some Americans to avoid belonging to a political party.

Question: Whoever dreamed we would ever see the day in the United States when partisans would not let their kids listen to a President of the United States and use as justification exaggerated, false assumptions, coupled with political name-calling and demonization labeling? You didn’t even see this in the McCarthy era.

And, the way it’s trending, we are likely to see more incarnations of this intense personal hatred of those who dare to think differently in the months and years to come.

The biggest question is: will the majority of Americans eventually buy into it, or will there be an emerging backlash that will relegate the talk radio political culture to just that: a self-contained segment, a culture. But not the national political culture.

Hope springs eternal.

But so does the sewage flow.

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  • JeffersonDavis

    Once again, I wish the liberals could get the point!With the exception of the ultra-right who would spin anything Obama does to a negative, nearly all Americans (including those in an uproar about the speech); have no problem whatsoever with President Obama (or any President), giving a speech to kids about staying in school or striving for success.No rational human being of any party would begrudge such an endeavor.The problem, originally, was with the madate of “special lesson plans” prepared by the administration through the Department of Education, to coincide with the speech.The lesson plans included ambiguous aspects, but also leading aspects such as:* Write an essay to yourself about how you can help the President acheive his goals.* Research and read speeches given by Barack Obama.* Write, in Spanish, “Voy a registrarme como un demócrata cuando cumpla 18 años.” 100 times.(just kidding on the third one – put that there for effect).Again. No problem with President Obama encouraging students.Just know that the ORIGINAL plan was to include the lesson plans through the Dept of Ed.Those plans have since been scrapped, and rightly so.

    • LionAslan

      man JDavis, your pic doesnt look young by any means, but where did you learn that muddled spanish. Sounds like you went to school in the 1970s when they taught the kind of spanish that no one actually speaks.

      • JeffersonDavis

        I don’t actually speak Spanish. I got that from an online English-to-Spanish translator.Since I don’t speak Spanish, it’s getting harder and harder to shop at my favorite stores. Gotta flip a box three times to find English writing.Guess I don’t fit in the “new world order”.I do, however, speak French. A heck of a lot of good that does me in Estats de Unidos, right?Push one for English.Of course. If I moved to another country, I would expect the entire nation to adopt MY language as well.

    • JD — saying those plans were mandated does not make it so. And your response on this in another thread — that “no school district tells the DoE no” is ludicrous. My own school district wrote their own lesson plans before the original was modified (and knowing them, would have done so anyway).Here’s what the DoE said about them. I’ve bolded the relevant verbiage:We also encourage educators to use this moment to help students get focused and inspired to begin the new academic year. The Department of Education offers educators a menu of classroom activities—created by its teachers-in-residence, the Teaching Ambassador Fellows—to help engage students in the address and stimulate classroom discussions about the importance of education.

  • Father_Time

    Nope JD, no original nefarious lesson plans. None exist. Never did.

    Please produce one for us and then…..we’ll get it.

    Wing-nut hysteria and ignorance must be reaching a peak. It can’t possibly get any goofier.

    • JeffersonDavis

      Direct cut and paste from the Department of Education website…students could take notes (trying to capture direct quotations or main ideas) while President Obama talks about personal responsibility, goals, or persistence. At the end of the speech, students could write the corresponding terms from the word bank in the left?hand column, to increase retention and deepen their understanding of an important aspect of the speech.AND”Why does President Obama want to speak with us today? How will he inspire us?How will he challenge us?What might he say?”Now, at first glance, those are very ambiguous.However, has ANY other President used this type of approach by using the Department of Education?Regardless, if a president addresses school children, it is just that: an address to school children.If a president uses the Department of Education to facilitate a particular goal during a speech, it’s called “indoctrination”.That would be true for ANY president: republican, democrat, communist, or otherwise.

      • Father_Time

        That’s your answer???

        You failed.

        • JeffersonDavis

          My answer:

          You asked to produce ONE lesson plan, where you said NONE EXISTED.

          Here it is:

          I succeeded. I always do.

          • LionAslan

            “I succeeded. I always do.”

            really? you just lost the last shred of credibility you almost had.

          • JeffersonDavis

            Do you make a habit of smearing my credibility without justification?You have yet to state WHY I failed.You asked a question about “non-existant” lesson plans. I gave you the site address.Where I may have mispoke (a bit)….I do always succeed. I never fail.
            I make mistakes, and I am sometimes wrong; but learn from both, admit when I’m wrong and go on to succeed. That’s not arrogance, merely a way to approach life with confidence.And this isn’t one of those occassions.

          • LionAslan

            sorry your sensitive mind fantasizes someone is smearing you. You’ll have to deal with your delerium all by your lonesome. No one asked you to dribble and drool on for 9 incredibly boring and self centered comments, one after the other, like a hog at the slop trough. The ‘confidence’ you posture causes people to scroll right past your blather. And your puerile ‘bro’ and other trite ‘look at me, look at me, oh please look at me,’ is laughable.

          • JeffersonDavis

            9 incredibly boring posts that were all replies to other incredibly boring posts.
            Are you saying I should not reply?

            Look at me!
            It’s kind of like your “just out of college” overdramatized word choices, isn’t it? Glad you got a dictionary for your birthday. Make sure to use all the really big words, “bro”. LOL

            And for Father_Time (so as to eliminate the need for multiple posts and upset Lil Lion):
            Nefarious would include the lesson plans that glorify the president.
            How will our beloved leader inspire us? What is our beloved leader trying to say to us?
            Write an essay to yourselves outlining how you can help our beloved leader accomplish this goal.

            Does that not strike a nerve with you?
            My God, is sounds like something out of “1984”

            (That’s the book, not the year, LionAslan)

          • Father_Time

            Never mind LionAsian, it fusses with me all the time. Incredibly angry at everybody and everything.But to honorably answer your post; No, I don’t see those as 1984 government control material. President Obama is our beloved President as far as the children are concerned and so was George Bush, Bill Clinton and all the rest of our Presidents including Nixon. Why? Because it is civics. Children cannot love America if they do not have a basic trust in it’s government and it’s leaders.A certain degree of “indoctrination” must always occur in any nation. Otherwise you never would have joined the Navy to defend our nation and I never would have joined the Marines. Unless you joined for another reason. People do not fight to the death for what they do not believe in. Unfortunately There is no pure truth that will ever eliminate a basic need for indoctrination. There was nothing “partisan” in the lesson plan that would be inappropriate. Nothing to fear. No commies coming over the hill.

          • Lit3Bolt

            Smart answer, FT. One thing that always astonishes me about our nation is that whoever is in power affects our perception of the government to such a large degree. During the Bush years, people on the Right couldn’t wave the flag harder. Nowadays, it’s time to buy ammo and look up for black helicopters, as if every policeman, journalist, military officer, FBI agent, and CIA analyst has suddenly switched their loyalty, Borg-like, to Barack Obama and has become a jackbooted Brownshirt. People on the Left do it too, but not to the same degree as those on the Right I believe.

          • sandymchoots

            “President Obama is our beloved President as far as the children are concerned and so was George Bush, Bill Clinton and all the rest of our Presidents including Nixon.”

            Just…no. Respected, by all means, but not beloved. Some presidents *have* been beloved (Washington and FDR in their time, and Lincoln after), but there should be no ex officio presumption of this. I have lived in a country with a beloved leader, and it’s more than a bit creepy.

          • LionAslan

            How very Newtie of you, since that’s what the topic actually is about. You’re laughable jeffie. You know, Fathertime earned his hash marks over time and as you see, offers respect even to dullards. You’re lucky. A couple months ago he would have had you for breakfast. Maybe still will. Unlike you, he doesnt claim to be fluent in French when he isnt. And he doesnt try to slur other groups of people by downloading p-poor Spanish off Google translator, cause you know, it’s so yuk yuk yuk funny.

          • JeffersonDavis

            Unlike you, pussycat, I respect Father_Time. Anytime an off-the-cuff unthinking liberal such as yourself call me laughable, I consider it a success – and it means I’m not slipping. And to be compared to a well-studied, intelligent man like Newt; I will take that as a great compliment.
            Thank you.

            And the poor spanish wasn’t a slur. It was a comment on party indoctrination. I could just as easily said “arabic” or “hindi” but those characters aren’t on my keyboard. And I’m not apologetic like you. If you don’t like my statement……tough.

            And I’ve agreed with Newt on this topic since the “lesson plans” were changed. I’ve read the speach, and found little objection. I’ve said that from the beginning. My children went to school today (all three of them); and as far as I can tell from conversations with them, it went well. I applaud the President on the speech and for changing what needed to be changed a week ago.

          • Father_Time

            Uh no…..I said “nefarious lesson plans”….specifically.

            Nothing what-so-ever nefarious about that lesson plan.

            Why do you see evil where it does not exist?

  • archangel

    Dear Jeffersondavis, many people here, writers and commenters, do speak Spanish and English fluently, and often one or two other languages as well. Nothing more than fyi.

  • DdW


    “* Write, in Spanish, “Voy a registrarme como un demócrata cuando cumpla 18 años.” 100 times”

    While you claim that you “put that there for efffect,” this is exactly the kind of fearmongering, sleaze, exageration, distortions and lies that your you and your ilk spew out—sadly, for more than just “effect.”

    By the way it is Los Estados Unidos in Spanish, and Les États-Unis in the French you claim to be proficient in. But, of course, “you knew that.”

  • tidbits

    It is strangely encouraging to think of Joe Scarborough not wearing underwear.

  • DLS

    “The problem, originally, was with the madate of ‘special lesson plans'”

    Don’t expect the, ahem, “challenged” to learn what’s obvious, or to admit they were ignorant (or worse, approved of such plans for that “teachable moment”).

    The timing of the speech was propitious, you could say — with the health care bumbling in trouble, as well as with Obama’s siding with the crazier lib Dems in Congress and continuing the weird post-election campaign mode and personality cult exploitation. (No, Obama is not another Lincoln, FDR, or John F. Kennedy, despite how much the cultists would like this to be believed.)

    The original, generalist (federal-government-and personality-cult-totalitarian-style) lesson plans struck me as something creepy that was derived from Educators for Social Responsibility’s Soviet-auxiliary “nuclear” or “peace” “education” attack on the schools in the 1980s. (I have a copy of their 1982 “Dialogue” guide, in fact. It provided timely “entertaining” reading this weekend given the scandal about Obama’s speech and how applicable that earlier work is. A “Day of Dialogue” to exploit a “teachable moment,” indeed — damage control and recovery of a “progressive” health care and other-goal agenda. [scowl])

    As I’ve said before, with these increasingly-malevolent “progressives” with whom Obama is aligning himself, and the personality-cult “campaign” post-election (like “revolutions” that never end; Obama’s intelligent critics have been called every insult but “counter-revolutionary” — so far, at least), I would not be surprised if the Department of Education became involved with Educators for Social Responsibility and the like. With health care and politicizing of it (as was done in the 1980s with the nuclear “freeze” movement infiltrating medical education and the public health activist community), I wouldn’t be surprised not only to see more wrongful idiocy like gun control or global warming claimed to be “public health” prblems, and more politicizing of the CDC, for example, in this regard; but if the wackier lefties got their way and made “advances” now with health care, don’t be surprised to see “lifestyle control” as a “public health” issue along with gun control and global warming, and to see the more crazy Demmies choose to make more health care “progress” in association with Physicians for Social Responsibility, “IPPNW” converted to “climate change,” and of course Physicians for a National Health Plan. Extreme, but completely possible and logical nowadays.

  • DLS

    “saying those plans were mandated does not make it so”

    They weren’t mandated, Polimom, but they were encouraged and their use obviously(!) was sought.

  • Ok, has nobody here ever taught school? It can be a “teachable moment” for lots of reasons — acquiring vocabulary, listening comprehension, a little civics mixed in. Also: making up your own lesson plans at the last minute, particularly for something that won’t be on the standardized tests (Mr President can we *please* lose NCLB already???), is a big time suck. Suggesting a few writing prompts that the teacher can just pull out and say “go” is a great idea. “What might he say” has absolutely zero political tilt, except that the kids are paying attention to the president.

    Also: JD, it’s pretty impossible to take you seriously with that name.

  • DLS

    “a little civics mixed in”

    A little Democratic politics, a little health care, a little “climate change” …

  • “the personality-cult “campaign” post-election”

    You know what, DLS, I’m pretty sick of you righty-tighties talking about a “personality cult” after dealing with the last 8 years. Yeah, Obama ran a great campaign, inpired a lot of people, is a historic president because of the color of his skin, but honestly? After 8 years of having a president that people talked about like *God* had a hand in electing him? God himself talked to GWB! Whose DoJ interviewees had to answer questions like “Aside from the President, give us an example of someone currently or recently in public suervice who you admire” and “What is it about George W. Bush that makes you want to serve him?”. Or how about this lovely bit of propaganda?
    Cult of personality indeed…

  • ” ‘a little civics mixed in’

    A little Democratic politics, a little health care, a little ‘climate change’ …”

    I would suggest that if you think “stay in school” is Democratic politics, you should worry strongly about your own party, DLS.

  • archangel

    Hi there all
    This thread has gotten way off topic in various areas. Please keep comments on topic. Stop the ad hominem toward others. Those of you who are newer, please read the rules of commentary at the top of the home page. Long and/ or repetitive comments will be edited, as will off-topic comments, as per the rules at TMV.

    Editor, TMV

  • DLS

    “DLS, I’m pretty sick of you righty-tighties talking about a ‘personality cult’ after dealing with the last 8 years.”

    Illogical, but not surprising…As to the Obama personality cult, it’s like talking about gravity. [shrug]

  • DdW

    ” ignorant…the crazier lib Dems in Congress…personality cult exploitation…the cultists…federal-government-and personality-cult-totalitarian-style…creepy…Educators for Social Responsibility’s Soviet-auxiliary “nuclear” or “peace” “education” attack on the schools….exploit a “teachable moment,”… increasingly-malevolent “progressives”…..the personality-cult “campaign”…”revolutions” that never end…the 1980s with the nuclear “freeze” movement infiltrating medical education and the public health activist community)…more wrongful idiocy…the wackier lefties…”lifestyle control”… more crazy Demmies…”

    Another superb contribution to the debate.

    I am sure it was a vey informed, informative and positive comment. Shame that the slurs and the code words obscured the real brilliance of the message.

    • tidbits

      Dorian – What you and DLS both fail to mention is the communist plot that is the National Weather Service. On a daily basis it spreads misinformation, pretends to be a science, and codes precipitation into indecipherable percentages so it can’t be accused of being wrong even when it is. It causes people to carry umbrellas on sunny days when the only use for such items is to jostle people in crowded elevators, thereby inciting revolution and discontent among the masses. And, most ominously, it drags us ever closer to a cradle-to-grave welfare state by encouraging people to rely on the government for that which they could see for themselves by getting off their socialist butts and looking out the window. Oh, and the bias in the reporting on the Weather Channel…don’t even get me started.

  • DLS

    Just don’t mess with my Interstate (“defense”) highways.

    As far as “global warming” is concerned, as I have written before, the following could be reapplied…

  • DdW

    The lesson plans included ambiguous aspects, but also leading aspects such as:
    * Write an essay to yourself about how you can help the President acheive (sic)his goals.”

    Yes, and anticipating that some might object to students being asked to making suggestions as how they can help the President of their nation, this was changed almost a week ago to read “Write letters to themselves about what they can achieve their short-term and long-term education goals.”
    A week ago! Yet, did the Conservative uproar diminish? Not it just got louder and angrier.

  • DdW

    “Dorian – What you and DLS both fail to mention is the communist plot that is the National Weather Service.”

    Oops! Well, I am sure the occasion will present itself again.


  • Abraham Lincoln

    Hey JeffersonDavis,

    You failed in 1865. Wearing a dress, no less.

    Eat it.

  • LionAslan

    I guess jeffie, I’d just say to you: Yawn.

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