has pulled the column it ran that called for a military coup against President Barack Obama. If you missed this controversy be sure to read THIS POST on TMV, and the debate in comments.

But it’s important to keep something in mind: not all conservatives agree with the increasingly shrill, escalating rhetoric of demonization — or view the Newsmax piece as anything but extremist and not particularly well-thought out writing.

READ THIS POST by a conservative who has done some Guest Voice posts on TMV.

JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
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  • Father_Time

    “not all conservatives agree with the increasingly shrill, escalating rhetoric of demonization”–

    Well I wish they would SPEAK UP then Mr.Gandelman. Apparently they are afraid they will loose their Limbaugh crowd voters if they do, because I hear jack coming from the Republicans on the matter.

    With regard to you, I thank you very much and I swear to fight to the death any military coup against a duly elected government, even a liberal coup. Well I do unless they make me commissar commandant of all the women on the west coast or something. (sorry, we all have our price)….

  • DLS

    What’s most remarkable about this episode, once more, is something all too commonplace: liberal overreaction and mis-reaction.

    • Father_Time

      More like Republican Treason and Murder.

    • Kastanj

      I want you to know that you cannot make comments like that without making your future opinions on any issue less valuable and interesting. It’s not the content people disagree with primarily, it’s the simpering, solipsistic and untenable *form*. You’re creating anti-information

  • JSpencer

    It’s good to see some republicans speaking up against the steady stream of nonsense coming from the right these days, but it isn’t happening nearly often enough, nor with enough vehemence. I hope this shredding of credibility, this celebration of ignorance, this intellectual and moral cowardice will be remembered for many election cycles to come.

  • The fact that Rick Moran would disagree with such nonsense is not news – although we rarely agree on anything Rick is a rational person. That most rightwing sites objected is news.