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Posted by on Mar 25, 2012 in At TMV | 5 comments

New Trayvon Martin Case Witness Claims Zimmerman Held Down Trayvon After Shooting Him and Did Nothing to Help Him

Now another witness has come foward in the Trayvon Martin killing case — and what she has to say on NBC’s Dateline is likely to increase the clamor for gun-toting neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman’s arrest. The Daily Mail:

A woman has stepped forward, saying she witnessed the final moments of Trayvon Martin’s life.

In an interview set to air on Dateline tonight, Mary Cutcher said that she and her roommate ran out after hearing the shot.

She said that Zimmerman had ‘his hands pressed on his back’ and ‘never turned him over or tried to help him.’

The account puts in sharp contrast what Zimmerman’s long-time friend Joe Oliver said on both Good Morning America and the Today show.

On both morning shows, Mr Oliver said Zimmerman was in shambles after the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin.

Speaking on Good Morning America today, Joe Oliver said: ‘After this started – the reports I got – (Zimmerman) couldn’t stop crying.’

He also confirmed that Zimmerman is in hiding and is fearful for his life, especially after yesterday, when the Black Panthers placed a $10,000 bounty on his ‘capture.’

Mr Oliver also identified the voice screaming in the now-infamous 911 tapes as the Neighbourhood Watch captain, not of Martin.
‘From the clips that I’ve heard online, I heard George. That sounded like someone who was in dire need of help. It sounded like George.’

However, several people who witnessed the deadly shooting last month said the shrieks were that of a teenager.

Prediction One: Sooner or later Zimmerman will be arrested, whether on the orders of local or federal officials.

Prediction two: the rally tomorrow in Florida on the killing will be a highly emotional one due to this new detail — which adds to the accumulating narrative details that (correctly or not) paint the portrait of someone doing neighborhood watch who considered himself a de facto law enforcement officer versus the eyes and ears of law enforcement.

Prediction Three: As more details emerge, there will be contradictory accounts. This issue has already become politicized but there will be a general consensus in the U.S. when it’s all over that will transcend politicization.

NBC’s story:

A woman who says she and her roommate witnessed the final moments of Trayvon Martin’s life told Dateline NBC that George Zimmerman had “his hands pressed on his back” and “never turned him over or tried to help him.”

Zimmerman’s lawyer, when shown part of the interview being aired Sunday night on Dateline, emphasized that his client would be claiming self-defense.

“I think there were efforts made to render aid to Trayvon,” Craig Sonner told NBC’s TODAY show.

Mary Cutcher told Dateline that she and her roommate both saw Zimmerman “straddling the body, basically a foot on both sides of Trayvon’s body, and his hands pressed on his back.”

Cutcher added that Zimmerman told her and her roommate to call the police.

“Zimmerman never turned him over or tried to help him or CPR or anything,” Cutcher said.

Sonner also reiterated what he had said in recent days, that Zimmerman suffered a broken nose and a gash to the back of his head.

Expect more details to keep trickling out — and an arrest of Zimmerman by some level of law enforcement would not be a surprise.

Various rallies will be held Monday in several cities in support of the killed teen, who was armed with Skittles and an iced tea when he was shot.

Another fact about this case: all the facts are not in. And no one yet knows for certain what portrait a fully compiled list of facts will assemble.

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  • StockBoyLA

    I can certainly understand when someone, in the heat of the moment, believes he is doing right and is set on accomplishing something (i.e. killing another person) but then realizing later that he did something terrible. Killing another person is traumatizing and I can understand it if Zimmerman broke down crying.

    As far as a broken nose and gash on the back of his head…. so? It seems (though he doesn’t say) that Zimmerman’s attorney, Sonner, is bringing it up to show that Zimmerman was attacked. However those injuries just proves he was in a fight. Not who started it.

    At any rate this “new” witness…. Wasn’t she interviewed by police at the time? If not I’d be interested in finding out why not. I’m not sure I actually buy her story if she wasn’t interviewed by police at the time. She claims to have seen Zimmerman over Trayvon after he shot him and understands that the information she had is important (she is stepping forward now). It seems that she would have stuck around a few minutes longer to talk to the police.

  • rudi

    Police have digital cameras on their person and on squad cars. Why didn’t they capture an image of Zimmerman’s injuries?

  • Uptown Woman

    So I guess in Florida you can follow kids down the road and start a confrontation with them and if they talk back or get scared of your stalking and try to run or fight you off, you can use deadly force. What the heck? Maybe Trayvon Martin thought that George Zimmerman was trying to kidnap or assault him (the much bigger adult male did have a gun, obviously). Why did George Zimmerman continue to follow Trayvon Martin after he called 911 and was practically outright told NOT to follow him? And as for a “witness” supposedly seeing something and coming forward now, that could be a friend of George Zimmerman’s in his neighborhood, trying to make George Zimmerman look innocent. This whole thing could have been avoided if George Zimmerman would have acted differently and listened to the 911 dispatcher. We live in a messed up world, and, no, I’m not black before anybody implies that I am.

  • Vencedora

    The witness is bull. We are supposed to believe Fox got thos interview the day after the shooting, then got real quite on their own exclusive interview for the next month, when it suddenly resurfaces? Yeah, that’s believable. And, no 911 call or witness slot on original police report. The whole analysis at:

  • Viverra

    Vencedora, you are talking about the other witness, the man Fox news found. These are two women who claim to see the exact opposite, that Zimmerman was straddling Martin’s body after he shot him.

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