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Posted by on Jan 5, 2007 in Politics | 9 comments

Nancy Pelosi’s Speech

As per a reader’s request, here’s the You Tube of her speech:

Housekeeping matter: We’re also posting this because some of our You Tube embeds vanish after we post them. This is going onto this site with the proper code. If it vanishes it won’t be by us.

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  • Tim

    I made up a little jingle about Nancy:
    Save us from Nancy Pelosi!
    A regular Bela Lugosi.
    So liberal that
    the terrorists pat
    her head saying “Now aren’t we cozy?”

  • uncle joe mccarthy

    tim. is your poem meant to be funny?

  • Joe, the embed is working great and thanks for posting this.

    Good speech, and I am filled with optimism. I think she means it. Lots of stuff I want to hear and see from this new Congress; energy independence, fiscal discipline, strong ethics, transparency and a recognition that we have a responsibility to our children. Three thumbs up!

  • Kim Ritter

    As a female, it was nice to see her pride in being the first woman to ascend to the position. I also loved her surge of energy- it made a nice contrast with the bloated, lethargic, see-no-evil hear-no-evil Hastert. Her programs do not seem overly liberal-just badly needed. I especially like the energy proposal. There’s definitely a new majority in Washington!

  • Joe

    I see it vanished again. We’re working this problem.

  • SnarkyShark

    Good speech, but I like em shorter and a bit more fiery.

    Tim-if that was supposed to be funny, it wasn’t. If you were serious, than thanks for your help in my quest to define Bush Republicans as a bunch of petulant children. Somewhere at about middle school level I think, if that little tome is an example.

  • jjc

    I’m new to Utube. How do I get it to play without stopping every two or three seconds?

  • Thanks for this post. I was looking all over for the video yesterday. C-span didn’t even have a streaming vid. They had three and a half hours of mock swearing in ceremonies….but they didn’t carry the most important event of the year.

  • In keeping with Tim’s vision about Nancy Pelosi being patted on the head by terrorists, I was interested to read about Rush Limbaugh fantasizing this week about Nancy Pelosi breastfeeding Heath Shuler. Gee, Rush, what did you see her wearing while doing that?

    It’s one thing when conservatives claim liberals will appease terrorists, raise everyone’s taxes and slap every business with needless regulations, but why is it so acceptable to get so personally demeaning? I realize it’s a long tradition to be this way from both extremes of any spectrum, political, religious or otherwise, but when conservatives pretend to be the smart and responsible ones, it amazes me that they try to get away with being so juvenile. Maybe they’re right and no one who is a swing voter cares about their antics. It’s a free country. Anyone can choose as they will.

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