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Posted by on Oct 1, 2009 in International | 6 comments

N. Korea Abandons Communism

As reported by our friend Dave Schuler at Outside the Beltway, the North Koreans have revamped their constitution and abandoned communism.

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea has officially made Kim Jong-il its “supreme leader” and his “military first” policy its guiding ideology, according to the text of the country’s newly revised Constitution made available on Monday.

The Constitution also declared for the first time that North Korea “respects and protects” the “human rights” of its citizens, and expunged the term “communism” from its text.

Well, I’m glad that’s finally cleared up. Now that everything is fine in North Korea we can finally start straightening out those damned Irish.

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  • HemmD

    You got the headline wrong, it should read

    “N Korea abandons rational thought”

    but that’s an old, old story.

  • tidbits

    North Korea abandons communism? Does this mean Kim Jong Il will start selling pornography instead of hoarding it all for himself? 🙂

    Erin go braugh!

    z of c

  • DLS

    Wasn’t the Soviet constitution full of moving, high-minded prose? (Never mind words matching deeds.)

  • Leonidas

    Since when has North Korea been a communist state? Its a monarchy.

    • JeffersonDavis

      Wouldn’t it really be The Empire of North Korea, since Kim Jung IL is now the emporer?
      Or The Fourth Reich with the Furor?
      Or Kimjung Caesar?

      Michael Merrit made a point that makes the conversation around the coffee table as of late.
      China is becoming an authoritarian capitalist society. That’s true.

      Even our beloved nation is changing from a beacon of freedom on the hill, to another European socialist nation.


  • There is something to be said about that, Leonidas. It seems a lot of the countries that once held straight-arrow communist ideologies are changing. North Korea has been more a totalitarian monarchy than communist for a long time.

    Then you look at China, which is increasingly developing into an authoritarian capitalist society.

    Even Russia is backtracking in a more authoritarian route than a communist one.

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