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Posted by on Sep 11, 2007 in At TMV | 13 comments

My Name Is Forrest Langley

I am 100% total and permanent disabled. I was in Yusufiyah Iraq in Sunni Triangle of death. I was in multiple explosions. I have Traumatic Brain Damage. I earned several purple hearts for my troubles. I am sick of congressmen and senators walking over the blood of Soldiers. If you would burn the world down with these Copyrighted poems and let the world know how us soldiers feel. Most soldiers that I talk to I would say 98% feel this way. God Bless you Forrest Langley Ps. I cant function well but I have been given a gift that I didn’t possess before the explosions. Please pass my gift along to influence others. Dear sir their is 5 attachments here. 5 different poems. I wish that you would send them around the world so us wounded Combat Soldiers who have been on the front lines can make fools out of this crowd and maybe cost them the election.

The poems are heartbreaking. Langley did, indeed, receive a gift at the moment he lost everything. A gift he can and should share with the world. You can read more of Langley’s thoughts – and the poems – at Wake Up America. Forrest Langley doesn’t just write poems, though, he’s also “working on getting veterans to Washington on the 17 and 18th of this month. If you know anyone who is willing to stand up to the Senators and Congressmen and they are veterans. We will fly them round trip no charge. Put them in Hotel rooms no charge to the veterans. also we will buy there food and pay for there transportation to and from meeting face to face with the senators. A bunch of us combat veterans who seen our friends shredded are very very upset with this anti war bunch. So if you know any veterans that are against the drawdown. Give them my email address or have them call me.”

Please head on over to Wake Up America, read the long post and, if you’re a veteran, contact Susan Duclos who will put you in contact with a true American hero.

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