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Posted by on Oct 29, 2017 in Afghanistan, Syria, Terrorism, War | 0 comments

A Muslim-American 4th-Grader’s Peace Appeal to ‘Our Father’ President

Tajuddin Millatmal of Spring Valley, CA with his daughter Hatsanda. Photo by Chris Stone

By Hatsanda Millatmal

An open letter addressed to “Dear my respected president, his Excellency Mr. Donald Trump” under the title “Mr. President! I Am Confused, Can You Help?”

I am very proud to be a U.S. citizen, and live in this God blessed country with abundant resources and great access to almost anything one may wish. I always hear from people around me at school and in the community so many great things about the United States of America.

They all tell me that America is a land of opportunity and was fundamentally founded to provide liberty, justice, equality and democracy to all who make it to this land.

America was set to be a role model for the rest of the world in the areas of democracy, justice, human rights and development. I am hearing from all around that Americans were and supposed to be well-respected by all people and nations throughout the world.

However, through my large community contacts as an Afghan descendant Muslim-American, I hear rumors and stories totally contradicting with what we as Americans believe and hear all around. I have seen hundreds of houses bombed, thousands of innocent villagers including children, women and elders being killed.

Isn’t this true that MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) was used by America in a very small poor country, Afghanistan, which killed more innocent Afghans than the ISIS, who were miraculously evacuated just hours before bombing?

I hear rumors, which were partially confirmed by Mrs. Hillary Clinton as the secretary of state, that almost all of these radical Islamic groups, Jihadist, Taliban and ISIS have been produced, trained, armed, supplied and funded through Pakistan by the U.S. from time to time as a tool for obtaining American’s military and political aims.

These militant groups have been used by America to terrorize the innocent public in those countries, by sabotaging peace, killing innocent people and banning girls from going to school, etc.

Led and trained by Pakistani ISI, they train and brainwash the naive uneducated Muslims to become suicides, blow themselves and kill other innocent people in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Kashmir etc.

Our brave heroine, Malala Yousafzai, is a good surviving example. I am confused. Americans feel proud when they throw MOAB on ISIS (presumably) in Afghanistan, but they defend ISIS in Syria when Russian bomb them.

I have seen pictures of children blown to the air, women stoned, men hanged and schools and bridges destroyed by these vicious Jihadists with the direct or indirect support of America through Pakistan. This is what the public believes in those countries, which history proved that they are a lot smarter than we think of them.

I see so many pictures of the atrocities committed as war crimes by the American bombing. Those pictures make me sick and nauseated and disturbs my sleep and causes me nightmares for many nights any time I see them.

I wonder if you know, which you should know, where and how these militant groups are getting their funding and supplies from. Where do they have their training camps?

I heard that Osama Bin Laden was found in a military base in the capital of Pakistan, Taliban are trained in madrasas in Pakistan using the American funding, and they are still having their offices in Pakistan.

Lately, it was stated by CIA that the American and Canadian family recently saved and released by Pakistan were held in Pakistan for five years. With our great CIA and FBI, if the U.S. does not know where these guys operate from and get funded, then both CIA and FBI should be dissolved for not doing their job.

Otherwise, it proves that those rumors may be true. Therefore, overall conclusion from that side of the dilemma is totally contradictory to what you and other U.S. government officials are claiming.

This article is reprinted from The Times of San Diego which, along with The Moderate Voice, is a member of the San Diego Online News Association.

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