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Posted by on Dec 27, 2006 in At TMV | 4 comments

Murtha’s Questionable Financial Arrangements?

Rhymes with Right

This links to a post on a Conservative Blog regarding a Washington Post article about apparent self dealing among Rep. Murtha, Military Donors, and Non Profit Organizations.

If the Dems want to take the high ground on ethics then they need to be prepared for a bumpy ride. Perhaps a few high profile catches will persuade the voters that the Dems are serious and trustworthy.

I believe that any and all elected officials are tempted by power and treasure.

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  • Rudi

    I can overlook Murtha’s military connections and wheelin and dealin for his stand that brought the Iraq situation to the front page. With openness, any shady deals can be brought to question. Haserts and Reids real esstate deals smell, but with full disclosure corruption will not be as prevalent.

  • GreenDreams

    Let’s change the rules, change the game for everyone on both sides of the aisle. The influence peddling and corruption is pervasive on both sides of the aisle, though never so crooked as the Bushies. Let’s cut the temptation, stop treating bribes as “free speech” and get our government back. Back to working for the good of America and Americans.

  • Congressional corruption is hardly at its height with President Bush’s administration (note the confusion of the branches of government in that sentence).

    The Democratic party needs to do a LOT of housecleaning – the accusation of Republican corruption loses a lot of sting if the Democrats are doing it too, and not thumping the folks on their side who are profiteering.

    I don’t give Rep. Murtha a free pass on anything – his military opinions are thoroughly garbled (Okinawa? what was that about?), and he has behaved opportunistically in this matter as well.

    I’d welcome serious, sober recommendations for what to do about our foreign policy, without grandstanding.

  • Rudi

    Dave B – What about the exponential increase in lobbyist and earmarks under the ‘small government’ Republicans? Murtha came out against the Messinpotamia after taliking to soldiers in the Pentagon and in Iraq. No one else had the courage to call the mess for what it became. What about Mr. Kate O’Beirn’s litmus test for patronage in the CPA, not competence but loyalty to the Bush administration. Murtha lost his bid for power because of his wheelin and dealin, he still spoke up when no one but the fringe (Paul and Jones) spoke out against a bad war. No other Democraps would risk their futures, never mind 3000 dead.

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