Deadly shooting erupts at US elementary school (via AFP)

At least 27 people were killed, including 18 children, in a shooting Friday at a Connecticut elementary school, US media reported. Connecticut State Police spokesman Paul Vance would not give details, but confirmed “there was a shooting.” CBS News cited law enforcement sources as saying that 27 people…

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  1. ROBERT COUTINHO December 14, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    With 280,000,000 or so guns in the U.S. tougher gun ownership laws would be virtually irrelevant. I do not know of any way to curb the violence. One commentator suggested that the country (as a whole, more or less) needed to teach people to deal with their problems in a less destructive way. Maybe that will work. I only know that as a father (my children are all grown up, so no more elementary school fatalities possible among my children…grandchildren on the other hand…) I have lost my innocence.

    What has happened? How can this happen? What can possibly be done to curb this stuff? These kids were in a FREAKING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!

    One of the reports suggested that multiple kindergarten students were among those eighteen students killed. I can not even begin to imagine how much that would hurt me, if one of my children had been randomly gunned down while at elementary school. I am not suggesting that Klebold and Harris had just cause, but at least I could put some sort of motivation to their actions at Columbine (as horrific as those motivations and actions were). This one … well … hurt me.