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Posted by on Nov 18, 2012 in International, Law, Society | 7 comments

More than 100,000 March Against Gay Marriage in France

More than 100,000 march against gay marriage in France (via AFP)

More than 100,000 people turned out Saturday across France for rallies against government plans to approve same-sex marriage and adoption, as police clashed with counter-demonstrators in one city. Wearing pink scarves and T-shirts and carrying pink balloons with the image of a man and woman holding…

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  • ShannonLeee

    Ignorance is an international problem

  • dduck

    Interesting, since the perception was that France was the most sexually open minded nation. Perhaps that should have been Paris is …………….

  • StockBoyLA

    Being sexually open-minded and accepting gay marriage are two different things. The article mentions several times that the protestors thought that a child was the result of a heterosexual marriage.

    In America there are tons of gay couples all over who adopt, who raise their own children or find surrogate / donors to help them create kids. I think Americans are more exposed to these variations. I don’t know if there is even a push in France to allow a same-sex couple to adopt.

    So it makes sense that a Catholic country like France would have protestors against same-sex marriage.

  • petew

    My wife and I have been married and/or have lived together for more than 34 years, so it is distressing to hear that since we have never had children, we might be in violation of “God’s plan” and therefore our marriage is not really legitimate.

    Gay people are not trying to change anyone else’s definition of marriage—they are only wanting others to accept theirs. The real prejudice involved is that for many of us who are straight, we have been raised to believe that homosexual relationships are all perverse and, “against the natural order of things.” This biased attitude has arisen out of our inability to understand those who want and need such relationships, and, as a result, gay people have been maligned and discriminated against for thousands of years. Perhaps we are now at a point where human evolution allows us to consider what Biologists and Psychologists have known for decades—that homosexual encounters are common occurrences throughout the various classifications of the animal kingdom. And, also, that gay couples who adopt or have children though surrogates, and who have been together for many years, are no more likely to be bad parents then their hetero counterparts. In fact, some studies have found them to be less abusive to children than straight parents!

    These fellow members of the human race are not insisting on being faithful to one partner for decades merely because they are bad people who want to choose a perverse lifestyle. They are together because they are just as capable of love as anyone else, and deserve the sames relationship rights as anyone else. Once again the real error on the part of all of us, is that we remain ignorant by accepting the stereotypes laid on those who don’t fit our definition of normal, and therefore, scare us.

    Ellen DeGeneres probably put it the best when describing the differences between civil unions and bona fide marriages. She said, “It is like being allowed to ride the bus but forced to sit in the back.”

    No straight couple has to suffer, or change the quality of their own marriages and/or personal beliefs, just because they may fear that another’s right to express complete love violates their own beliefs—Just like the fact that Jews, Muslims, Buddhists Mormons, etc. exist—does not require that we give up our own religions.

    We are all free to have our own beliefs about love, and, what each man’s personal ethic’s may be, is up to that person. But we have no right instituting our personal beliefs as absolute laws for everyone. That is not how any democracy or government is intended to be run!

  • Dr. J

    It should be illegal to protest against things. People should be required to protest *for* an alternative.

    And no matter how unnatural or misguided or hedonistic or immoral one considers gays, what’s the alternative to encouraging them into stable relationships? Lives of promiscuity–not exactly a moral vitamin, and rumored to spread disease? Or perhaps hoping that with sufficient doses of disapproval, the millions of them will figure out how to go away? I’m guessing few people would be prepared to defend either of these.

  • sheknows

    Are all of these people marching because they believe marriage is just for the purpose of procreation?
    Is the Catholic church ( of all religions) voicing it’s objection to homosexuality when it doesn’t even disavow it’s own clergy?
    Are so many people world wide threatened by the private choices others make, or just the public ones?

  • zephyr

    When will people learn to mind their own business??? (probably never – some people will always need to get a life)

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