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Posted by on Sep 21, 2010 in Society | 0 comments

Montana GOP Senator Aims to Strike Anti-Gay Law

You’ve no doubt heard that the Montana GOP adopted a plank in their state platform outlawing homsexuality . Well, a GOP State Senator wants to get rid of a state law that bans homosexuality:

Republican State Senator John Brueggeman of Polson is taking a stand on homosexuality, and is proposing a bill which would strike language from Montana law which prohibits homosexuality…

Brueggeman, a Republican, says this isn’t a partisan issue, noting, “It’s about standing up for individual liberties.”

He says even though the law hasn’t been enforced in Montana, and it was ruled as unconstitutional, he still wants to remove the language.

“It’s an embarrassing reminder of an old time where people’s thoughts were different,” Brueggeman says.

He says the mere presence of a statement which outlaws homosexuality is incredibly offensive.

“Is it politically a little touchy? Yeah, but that is not why we get elected. We get elected to do the right thing,” Brueggeman adds.

When asked the Montana GOP issued no comment, but the Democrats from the Big Sky state did thank Brueggeman for his willingness to take a stand.

Congrats to Senator Bruggeman for doing the right thing.

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