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Posted by on Sep 22, 2012 in Politics | 3 comments

Monica Lewinsky Writing Tell-All Book: But Why?

Monica Lewisky — the White House intern whose dalliance with then-President Bill Clinton led to his impeachment and to the transformation of Matt Drudge into an Internet powerhouse — is now writing a tell-all book. Is it political — or are there other reasons? looks at the story;

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  • I always felt bad for Monica. Sure, she showed bad judgement, but she was young and stupid and I don’t think she deserved the shabby treatment she received. She most likely had her life ruined, or at least seriously derailed, because of this, and I think that’s sad.

  • bluebelle

    The far right never could stand the unprecedented approval ratings that Bill Clinton earned as a successful, centrist president. Now that he’s resurfaced and Americans are falling in love all over again with his intelligent, clear and fair approach to US politics, the party of family values would love nothing more than to read and dish all the salacious details from 14 years ago.

  • sheknows

    I agree absolutely with Bluebelle. Well said!! I also disagree with Barky in that she had her life ruined ( if that’s true) because she chose to “tell all”, undoubedly for the same reason she is doing it again. MONEY. Only this time the Republicans are backing her. 14 years ago Bill may have made a bad mistake, but he wasn’t alone. What excuse do you have for Monica now??

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