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Posted by on Mar 24, 2007 in Politics | 24 comments

Moderates Migrate to Dems

Fewer pledge allegiance to the GOP

A poll says 35% of those surveyed identify with Republicans. Public attitudes seem to be drifting toward Democrats’ values.

It always fascinates me that no matter how badly some leaders, even dictators, perform there is usually a large minority that will still honor and support them. Perhaps this is because some minority will always identify with the ideology, stability, dream or the comfort of a powerful personality.

But for an increasing number of independently thinking voters our allegiance does depend on performance. A large number of us did vote for the GOP until the recent election because we had hope that the results would match the promise. That government would be made smaller through increasing efficiency; that security would be enhanced with minimum impact on liberty and global respect, that honor and trustworthiness would be nurtured in politics, that pragmatic and fair remedies would dominate the political landscape.

Well, I am disappointed. Not with the promise, but in the execution. I am discouraged with the integrity and competence of the GOP leaders. Despite years of unilateral control of government the hopes of a generation of fiscal conservatives have been squandered. They have managed to consistently snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

As a moderate Independent I will probably tend to support Democrats in the next elections, not so much because they have better ideas but because the bar for competence and reform has been so lowered by the current crop of GOP leaders that the Dems seems relatively more likely to move the country forward in the healthiest direction. By comparison they seem to me to be more open minded, more far sighted, more practical, and more likely to get meaningful things accomplished for the environment, diplomacy, healthcare, energy and civil liberties.

I do hope the GOP leaders get their act together in case the Dems also snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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