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Posted by on Jan 17, 2015 in 2016 Presidential Election | 15 comments

Mitt Romney’s 2016 Presidential Platform: Eradicating US of Poverty

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Twice failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney is gearing up for a third run for the White House. His new platform is to eradicate poverty in the U.S. Um, one problem. The stench of his 47 percent insult, his offshore accounts and Bain Capital’s outsourcing activities are still very pungent. I might also add, the binders full of women PR blunder, plus picking on Big Bird, are still very fresh in the minds of many. Romney for president… now that’s a joke!

“Under President Obama, the rich have gotten richer, income inequality has gotten worse and there are more people in poverty than ever before,” Romney said. “Under this president, his policies have not worked. Their liberal policies are good every four years for a campaign, but they don’t get the job done.”


“It’s a tragedy — a human tragedy – that the middle class in this country by and large doesn’t believe the future won’t be better than the past or their kids will have a brighter future of their own,” Romney said. He added, “People want to see rising wages and they deserve them.” Source: Washington Post

Mitt Romney is playing pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. He’s trying to find a message that will stick. So, this time around it’s poverty. I wonder how he proposes to eradicate poverty when the Republicans in the House and Senate want to kick the social services in place to help the poor right out from under them. Like I said, Mitt Romney for president…now that’s a joke!

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  • DdW

    Mitt Romney suddenly feeling compassion for the poor is just as ridiculous, laughable and far-fetched as claiming that Mother Teresa wanted to help out the super-rich.

    I can not believe the contortions these clowns put themselves through to try to win an election.

  • Mitt as poverty cure is so laughable that even conservative writers are getting on him for it.

  • Jim_Satterfield

    No, Mitt, trickle down economics doesn’t work. Tax breaks would never have caused you to back down from firing people or sending their jobs overseas so why do you think any of your fellow managers are any different?

  • kritt11

    Mitt must feel so uncomfortable running as who he really is- a pragmatic plutocrat-with little real ideology. First he had to run to the left of Ted Kennedy in a losing US Senate battle, then he had to pretend to be a political outsider who was not really affiliated with the Republican Party to win the gubernatorial election in Mass, then that came back to haunt him in his next 2 shots at the presidency. He had to pretend to be “severely conservative” and not believe in global warming or even in his own healthcare plan. So, now that none of that was successful he is coming back as Robert F Kennedy! Unbelievable

  • DdW

    Can’t wait to see what satirist Andy Borowitz has to say about this. Stay tuned.

  • StockboyLA

    We all know politicians (and Mitt in particular) will say whatever they believe people (their supporters) want to hear. By announcing his goal to end poverty, and also by appealing to the middle class Mitt is delivering a very populist message. Because people will believe what they want to believe I think this strategy will be very effective. I can’t wait to see the solutions he will come up with. Will he continue to promulgate the same old tired Republican line of trickle down / lower taxes on corporations…. or will he come up with a bold plan to get those lazy, freeloading 47% into high paying jobs? And if he does have new ideas…. how will he pay for their implementation? In order to truly eradicate poverty money will have to be spent.

    • kritt11

      Is the Republican Party that interested in an anti-poverty campaign? I thought they bought into his 47% message- which, BTW, makes him the totally wrong messenger in this case. Nobody will have forgotten it. It makes him look like the crass opportunist that he is. IF he had spent the last 3 years founding a Carter or Clinton or Bill and Melinda Gates style foundation he might at least have a little cred- but he did not. He spent the last 3 years second-guessing the president and noting that voters were having buyer’s remorse.
      I think he’s actually a decent guy with a burning ambition to be president and an ego that never quits.Yes men and women have surrounded him and his wife and told him that he should have won- and that he will win if he gives it another shot. He was right to ignore them- but now has allowed that mentality to poison the well

      • StockboyLA

        The Republican Party is only interested in an anti-poverty campaign… to gain votes. They are not interested in actually tackling poverty. Once they are in office they will run from their campaign platform and do whatever they want, claiming they have a “mandate” from the voters to implement their ideas (whatever they may be). Just like the GOP pledged back in 2008 that jobs would be their #1 priority (and continued to claim after that)….. they did nothing to create jobs and last year they held how many meaningless votes to repeal Obamacare…. 50+?

        • kritt11

          Absolutely – good point. They now know that they can’t win with any kind of honesty about their views on poverty. The Paul Ryan ” brown bag lunch” approach creates a real backlash. I think Mitt did his own autopsy on ’12- and realized 2 of his biggest “oops” moments were the 47% comment and his muddled reaction to it and his statement that he didn’t really care about the poor. That is why he is now running around to the same donors who gave him money 3 years ago and saying “I have fixed it” IMO, too little too late – he will never get the nomination again

      • StockboyLA

        I’m not sure how decent Romney is, though before the 2012 campaign I thought he was decent too…. But didn’t he buy companies and raid the retirement funds of thousands of people? And didn’t he baptize long dead people in Mormonism? I think he knows how to portray himself as being decent (he’s a politician) and he dresses well, is clean-cut and can speak… But I do not think he is decent. Good point on how he spent the last three years…. If he truly wanted to tackle poverty he could have been doing something about it.

    • Rambie

      Republicans love to say one thing then do another. Their message: “These tax cuts will spur the economy like never before!” Reality: Great Recessionof 2008.

  • JSpencer

    Mitt is willing to say anything, absurdity poses no barrier.

  • The_Ohioan

    I only hope they’ve made adequate accommodations on the clown car for this next election. Lindsey Graham wants on and he’s gonna take up a LOT of room.

  • kritt11

    So if he had won in ’12, would he still be telling us that he is not very worried about the poor in America because they are bloodsucking leeches?

    • StockboyLA

      Maybe he would just redefine the definition of poverty (perhaps to those earning less than $100 per month) and then claim poverty was virtually eradicated.

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