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Posted by on Jan 15, 2012 in At TMV | 12 comments

Mitt Romney as Evil Capitalist Ken Doll

WASHINGTON – Newt Gingrich is deservedly getting booed in South Carolina for his Super PACS’ “The King of Bain.” Meanwhile, South Carolina remains a state where political ethics and honesty got to die.

The New York Times has a unintentionally humorous story about one of the towns targeted by Newt Gingrich’s Super PAC, which depicts a place that didn’t know they were so much trouble.

Glen Kessler has bestowed on “King of Bain” the dreaded 4 Pinocchios. The CNN Money article below dissects “When Romney Came to Town.”

To be clear, none of this is to suggest that Romney and Bain didn’t make some very real mistakes, or that they shouldn’t be criticized for situations in which they profited from financial engineering rather than from company growth. But the Winning Our Future PAC goes beyond that, intentionally obscuring the record in a way that makes such honest discussions more difficult. And for that, Winning Our Future deserves some scorn of its own. – CNN Money

What it doesn’t say is that even though the film casts Mitt Romney as the evil capitalist Ken doll, let’s not pretend this guy is standing alone in these practices.

If we come out of this believing Romney’s the only bad guy, while Democrats smack their chops with glee that they now have him right where they want him, America deserves to go keep fumbling along financially, because long-term, slow pain with no solutions may be the only thing that will one day wake people up.

It’s a mistake to see the 28-minute video above and think this is just about Mitt Romney. He rightly earns the role of diabolical villain in the video, but what he represents is why Occupy Wall Street rose up in the first place. Romney’s a master at playing the Wall Street system, which even the film above stipulates is facilitated by investment bankers who helped Mitt Romney and others like him work the current system that collapsed in 2008, caused the current unemployment rate, but also the hollowing out of the American middle class that started a long time ago.

There’s a reason Rudy Giuliana went off on Newt Gingrich and it’s because this video exposes the entire American financial wagon train that is the foundational tenet of the Republican Party. It also strips bare the primal scream of Rush Limbaugh and his right-wing rabble who lie to Americans every day saying they, too, have a chance to be Mitt Romney.

It would be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous, because some people are so desperate today they’ll buy anything if it has even half a chance of getting them out of the financial hole they’re in. Rush Limbaugh is actually just as guilty as Mitt Romney.

It’s all lies and our entire political system is bankrolled by it, with the person who can best hawk the marketing of the American Corporation picked and put in charge. However, it’s not this person, the president, who actually is in charge of anything. It’s the wise men of Wall Street (women are never let near the controls for long) who hold the power and they’re tucked inside and rarely seen.

The Mitt Romneys in our business and investment class can no longer be bothered with creating, building or envisioning anything any longer. It’s been this way since the ’80s and before. That people are suddenly shocked and shrieking that the middle class is losing it’s core, seen through the job loss and devastation in this video shows how lost we are, how morally bankrupt our society has become. There’s a whole other class below the middle class that’s been growing for years, including under Pres. Obama, who he hasn’t addressed once, except to announce he’s pulling their heating oil subsidies. The poor now has company, but don’t think anyone, least of all the Mitt Romneys, intend to do anything about it.

Mitt Romney didn’t begin the gutting of our manufacturing sector or the gambling with investors money. If he wasn’t running for president we wouldn’t be having this conversation and had he not gone after Newt Gingrich none of this would have surfaced until Obama reelect got him as an opponent and started unloading and unpacking Mitt Romney’s very successful business career, which even an Obama adviser, Steve Rattner, said this week was exemplary.

“Fair is fair. … But I think these attacks are unfair. I think Mitt Romney, not only had a very successful career throughout business, but Bain Capital is a terrific, first class firm. Managing money mostly for foundations, for endowments, for pension funds on behalf of exactly the people Rick Perry thinks he’s trying to harm, and they had a great record with 80 or 90 investments, all of which made a lot of money for their investors… and he did it in a perfectly honorably, appropriate way. … – Steve Rattner, on “Morning Joe”

Mr. Rattner was Pres. Obama Administration’s Car Czar and Counselor to the Secretary of the Treasury, and is a good Democrat. Are you seeing it clearly yet?

Can Mitt Romney survive this video and the 30-second spots that come from it? The states coming up in the primaries have been hard hit by a bad economy. However, Romney’s bankrolled to the teeth and the pressure’s on to quiet things down, so I’m guessing he can. The other side of this pile on is that at some point people are going to look at it and ask “Is Mitt Romney really the cause of all that ails us?”

What do people think will happen if a different Republican is nominated or if Pres. Obama stays in office? What huge difference will it make?

The caterwauling over Mitt Romney tapping the core of American capitalism for his own benefit is rooted in partisanship and doesn’t address the wider reality, which is that there are hundreds of Mitt Romneys in this country, many of whom got the Bush tax cut extensions, which Pres. Obama gladly gave and never really mounted a nationwide fight against. If you truly understand the calamity facing our middle class there is no way morally or in good conscience you could possibly back down from this fight, turning it into a war if you have to. Yes, a class war, but when Democrats hail compromise and gut Dodd-Frank or go along to keep things moving how innocent are they for watching what’s developed under their own backers and bundlers?

Using Steve Rattner’s defense of Mr. Romney and Bain Capital as an example, what are Democratic venture capitalists and heads of holding companies and investment bankers supposed to do in the shadow of this damning video that reveals the sausage making that is our economic system? As Rattner reveals, Democrats in his class can feel his pain and you can bet they’re just glad it’s Romney and not them.

That Wall Street Democrats are fleeing Obama’s side because of hurt feelings and would certainly find common cause in the onslaught that would be unleashed on Mitt Romney if he’s the nominee, who is one of their own, is another interesting tidbit of this tale. Sympathy vote, anyone? More likely, they’ll send cash.

If Occupy stays relevant, the entire American Corporation class will have to go underground, because Mitt Romney may be the star of the film, but they’re mirror images of this man and his methods and we’ve heard a lot about who’s been hurt lately, but now it’s in a film reel.

But where are the African Americans, Latinos and people of color? Evidently, they don’t get touched by the American Corporation class, besides, it’s white working class Mitt Romney will need to beat Obama, so let’s stay focused, people.

The whole event is obscene and the rot of our political class exposed.

What’s ironic is that this devastating video and the launch of it into the Republican primary season was made possible by conservative David Bossie, the president of the pro-Gingrich Super PAC. Bossie is the man who produced “The Hillary Movie” that culminated in the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United and the current flood of money we’re now seeing drown our democracy and put Mitt Romney and the entire Republican Party on DEFCON 1.

That Obama reelect will trumpet the video and all of its parts in the general election season, freaking out their own Democratic version of the Mitt Romney class, is wrought with irony.

What we need is a different kind of conservation about the country we are going to be in the 21st century and that’s not coming from any direction or either political party. The only thing that matters to the partisans is putting their sock puppet in power, while the money men just keep on funneling the system to the top.

It no longer matters who ends up in the White House and Congress anymore, because the Mitt Romneys of this country are the ones really in charge and they won’t allow anyone else in, buying politicians and the presidency.

We the people are simply being held hostages by a monetary and political system that is out of control and which can’t be fixed, because the concentrated power is locked down and loaded for anyone who tries.

Taylor Marsh is the author of the new e-book, The Hillary Effect – Politics, Sexism and the Destiny of Loss, which is now available in print on Amazon. Marsh is a veteran political analyst and commentator. She has reported from the White House, been profiled in the Washington Post, The New Republic, and has been seen on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, CNN, MSNBC, Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera Arabic, as well as on radio across the dial and on satellite, including the BBC. Marsh lives in the Washington, D.C. area. This column is cross posted from her new media blog.

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  • I am a conservative and Newt has made me want to puke for years. Newt is only in it for himself and will do anything to get votes or popularity. He has been married three times and we all know the stories. His attacks on Romney (and I’m not a Romney supporter) is laughable and he should be embarrassed.

    Companies can be bought and the new owners have the right to change the company’s direction to improve profit margins so that the companies get resold to make money for the investors. Who are these investors? It is a mix (pensions and investors). If you want to blame anyone, it would be the people that invested in Bain.

    Anyway, the people at the bottom (below the middle class) are usually those without job skills. Why do they have no job skills, because they didn’t participate in the FREE schooling the taxpayers funded. Whose fault is that? Is the student, parent and/or teacher. I blame the student and it is the student fault for not applying themselves and getting a job skill. I don’t care what color you are, you have the FREE education and if you don’t take advantage of it, then there are other options when you get older.

    Sometimes when I’m out in public and see these people, I think maybe it is better that we warehouse these people (on the welfare program). Do you really want these people in the work force and out in public?

    BTW, I don’t see a lot of people of color at these occupy events. Maybe they are too lazy to protest, maybe they have better sense or maybe they are working. Or maybe the occupy events are racist in nature.

  • zephyr

    “We the people are simply being held hostages by a monetary and political system that is out of control and which can’t be fixed, because the concentrated power is locked down and loaded for anyone who tries.”

    Nailed it Taylor. Of course Romney is no exception. Anyone who thinks he gives a crap about the working poor, the working middle-class, the unemployed, people of color or the vast majority of citizens in this country is a dupe and a fool. More than ever before, this election will demonstrate how the power of godawful sums of propaganda money can be used to turn any semblance of knowledge and wit on the part of the electorate into mush. And oh yeah, thanks Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, and Alito for all your dedication to the principles this country was founded on. I salute you – 4 justices sharing a single brain. Corruption never dies, it just scurries away for a time when the light is shone on it – then it bides it’s time… until the people get fat, stupid and complacent enough to stop watching out for it.

  • BTW, I don’t see a lot of people of color at these occupy events. Maybe they are too lazy to protest…

    Newt Gingrich is a despicable political figure, which was made clear through his treatment of his wives, but also his hypocrisy in targeting Bill Clinton for impeachment for the same offense he was committing.

    However, the part of your comment I’ve pulled out above is truly awful.

    How ironic that you made it on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday.

    Hey zephyr. We the people truly have the government and politicians we deserve, no argument there. If we keep buying we’re “trapped,” playing the two party seesaw insanity that’s not going to change either.

  • Yea Taylor, go ahead and call my comment terrible and imply that I’m racist. I actually gave a list of reasons why people of color don’t go to the occupy events but you being the true liberal racist pick the one you thought was true. If I had to make a choice of why there are no people of color at the occupy events it would have been:

    They have better sense and they are probably working.

  • Bob Munck

    I actually gave a list of reasons … but you … pick the one you thought was true.

    She picked the one that’s obviously racist.

    However, given that you’re a self-professed conservative, that one was just par for the course. The remark of yours that was truly awful was the one about warehousing those on welfare. A friend of ours, currently entirely supported by welfare, would find that strangely familiar; he spent 1944 and part of 1945 in a warehouse situation named Stalag 7-B.

  • Bob, you aren’t a liar. If he was a POW in WW2, I doubt that he would be on welfare. He would be on SS.

    Yes, I’m a conservative but you imply conservatives are racists. I know many conservatives that aren’t racists. I know many liberals that are racists.

    Many of those on welfare deserve to be there because they have no job skills due to the fact that they never got any job skills (due to their chosen).

    The bottom line is you are a LIAR. A WW2 veteran is over 65 and is entitled to SS unless they pissed their life off for the next 66 years and did nothing after that.

    Good luck LIAR!

  • If these commercials get people talking about how the rules should be set up, then all the better.

    However, I have yet to hear anyone mention even one of those rules.

    That’s where the conversation has to begin.

  • Bob Munck

    IronMikeHouston: If he was a POW in WW2, I doubt that he would be on welfare. He would be on SS. … The bottom line is you are a LIAR.

    Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, all of which are called welfare by the right wing. All but $45 of the SS monthly payment doesn’t go to him, but is taken out to pay his Medicare premium, his Medicare Part D payment, his supplemental health insurance, and his Medicaid bill. He used to get a fairly substantial VA pension, on the same order as his SS payment, but when he went on Medicaid, that was mostly taken away, I believe to further offset the Medicaid payment of nursing home costs. He is allowed to keep $90 of it per month, which along with the $45 of his SS payments gives him $135/month spending money. Pretty impressive, given that he volunteered the day after Pearl Harbor, spent two years fighting and 16 months in a POW camp.

    (Btw, Medicaid recipients in nursing homes who don’t have VA pensions just get the $45 per month in spending money from SS.)

    I wish that wingnuts would learn how our system and government work.

  • Rcoutme

    @Bob Munck

    Thank you for clarifying what was going on. Initially, it seemed like your friend was being completely reamed up the rectum by some flim-flammer. I am not defending the paltry $135 that he gets per month, but when you showed that he was in a nursing home, it did clarify quite a bit.

    The nursing home is responsible for feeding and housing him (along with other daily-life activities–cleaning, etc). I am NOT defending anyone here (least of all the nursing home–as I have no idea how good or bad his treatment or quality of life is there). I am only pointing out that he IS actually getting more than Zimbabwe or Cambodia wage support. He is getting $135 cash per month THAT HE DECIDES WHERE IT GOES. He does, thank goodness, get more support than just the $135.

    Meanwhile: all of you, remember that you can attack what someone is saying, but you are not allowed to attack the individual himself. No matter how foolish the comments, try to keep it civil.

  • Like I said Bob, your messages contained lies and you proved it. SS is not welfare and and I haven’t heard the right wing call it that.

    I made some comment about people who have no job skills being supported by welfare. Then you can back with your message about some WW2 veteran being supported entirely by welfare (your words). I caught you lying and then you claim the right wing claims SS as welfare.

  • Bob Munck

    SS is not welfare and and I haven’t heard the right wing call it that.

    Then you haven’t been listening. “Why Social Security is Welfare,” Robert J. Samuelson, published in the WaPo and Newsweek.

    Similar things have been written and said by Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), Sharron Angle (R-Crazytown), and someone named Newt. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) characterizes his draconian cuts to SS, Medicare, and Medicaid as “welfare reform.” House wingnuts voted unanimously for them.

    Of course, what you’re really doing here is picking nits to deflect attention from your racist statement about lazy blacks and your truly disgusting suggestion that people on welfare should be “warehoused.” Those statements have nothing to do with the definition of “welfare.”

  • zephyr

    There is very, very little advocacy being done by our current lawmakers for the vast majority of Americans. One of the few things the working class still has going for them are the so-called entitlements (no thanks to today’s “leaders”). Anyone who thinks social security isn’t despised and threatened by powerful forces hasn’t been paying attention.

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