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Posted by on May 31, 2010 in Education, Media, Politics, Society, War | 0 comments

Memorial Day 2010, Before Barbeque and Picnics: Remembering Men and Women in Wars

The photo shows a group of Japanese US Citizens who were living and working in Europe during WWII. They have just been rounded up and brought back by ship from where they lived in Europe, now to be interned in a Japanese Internment Camp in the USA. The newspaper that ran this photo said the 158 “internees” didnt want their pictures taken. The paper also noted that in the front is a white woman holding a child who is married to a Japanese man.

Hawaiian and Anglo women and a few men crowd a steamship counter trying to get passage to the USA following Japanese raids on Honolulu and surrounds Dec 7 1941

Millions of farm people across all of Europe flee and try to hide, attempting to walk to freedom during the nights, sleeping little during the day. War hardened soldiers, Nazis, then the Red Army, and others devastate the livestock, burn the wheat, oat and cornfields, burn down or occupy the small farmhouses, take what they want, including the bodies of women, men, and children.

Aussie solders build crude towers in the Northern Territory in order to warn of air strikes by Japanese pilots.

(below) Canadian soldiers methodically move through just bombed out city of Caen, France, on search and kill mission re any German resistance soldiers.

( below Caen photo) The newspaper that ran this 1965 photo notes that “Israeli commandos appear happy as they return from what was described as “punitive raids” on Jordan. The Israel forces struck three Jordanian towns late 5/27/1965 in a bold warning to Arab sabotage squads to halt attacks on Israeli border settlements.” I think it is now 45 years later, 5/31/2101.

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