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Posted by on Sep 24, 2006 in At TMV | 3 comments

Mel Gibson’s New Low Profile

He’s usually available to the press but wasn’t this time:

Actor and director Mel Gibson visited two Oklahoma towns this week to attend screenings of his new movie, “Apocalypto.”

Gibson did not make a public appearance during screenings held at the Riverwind Casino in Goldsby and Cameron University in Lawton. At the entrance of the casino – where the film was shown Friday to a mostly American Indian audience – reporters were kept behind partitions.

He arrived at Cameron on Thursday morning wearing a mask and wig so he wouldn’t be noticed, university spokeswoman Amber McNeil said.

FYI, the title “Apocalypto” doesn’t refer to what has happened to Gibson’s public image recently.

The press might be irked at Gibson. But he can smooth it over by inviting them for a few drinks…

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  • Bobbie

    “New low profile”?? What rot. Gibson has always kept a low profile. He is a private kind of guy, has been for years and years.

    The press, meaning you, needs to get a clue and get over themselves.

  • Joe

    Well, gee, I guess you missed all of the publicity he did on The Passion of The Christ and other movies that he did where he talked to the press and was available to them. But, then, that fact doesn’t fit in with your political agenda, does it? Sorry. But, yes, I am happy to admit I used to be in the press and my editors on various publications insisted that we be consistent with news sources. He doesn’t want to appear now because it really is in his interest to keep a lower profile for a while, which is not bad PR advice. But you made my day saying he has basically not been available to the press. Go back and do a google search on his interviews over the years, especially when a movie of his was coming out of was out. You won’t read about him going somewhere in a wig and a mask to avoid being noticed. But I know none of this really means anything since you have your own motive for suggesting Mel Gibson has spent his career by showing up with a mask and wig when the press is around. (Now, WILLIAM SHATNER shows up in a wig…)

  • Rudi

    Joe – If you read this are not aware, Gibson is now comparing our war in Iraq to the Mayan civilizations collapse. The tie in, not Republican politics, promotion of an upcoming movie about the Mayans. And the Right thinks Michael Moore is….

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