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Posted by on Aug 13, 2011 in Media, Politics | 13 comments

Mediaite: CNN’s Don Lemon: Marcus Bachmann ‘Elbowed Me Into A Golf Cart’

One of the more disturbing trends we are seeing is the increasingly contemptuous way some politicians are starting to behave towards what is called the “mainstream media.” First, we had some politicos deciding that only Fox News is where they will do interviews. Next, we see Newt Gingrich and in effect Sean Hannity saying that Chris Wallace is a lousy or ideological reporter since he asked tough questions — perhaps suggesting that all Fox News reporters emulate Hannity (who basically does PR for any conservative Republican he interviews, throwing more softball questions that all of the softball teams in California and Arizona).

And now, via, Mediate, we have this: CNN’s Don Lemon tries to ask GOP Presidential hopeful Rep. Michele Bachmann some stock and respectful questions — and he is shoved around…reportedly by Bachmann’s husband as well who Lemon says pushed Lemon into a golf cart. So now it has gotten physical as well.

Here’s the mediate video showing Lemon’s report — and then the raw footage where you can hear Lemon try to get Bachmann’s handlers and her husband to take their hands off of him:

Are we getting back to the 60s when CBS’s Dan Rather was punched at the 1968 Democratic convention? GO HERE to see that segment.

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  • Stray Mongrel

    It doesn’t look like it was at all personal.

    They were trying to exit the area, and the crowd was pushing in on her, instead of politely stepping aside to allow her through.

    It’s no surprise that that her people were trying to hold back the crowd.

    It’s more of a testament to her popularity, than a sign of contempt. I think this is being entirely misread.

  • EEllis

    You got to be kidding me! What is it about being a reporter that makes you think that anything you do is OK? I saw him push past people in the crowd, totally ignore any personal boundaries, hit one of the women he claims assaulted him with a mike, totally act like a nut and he is pissed because two small women elbowed him? I don’t know what Bachmann did so I won’t comment on him but what I saw was the reporter being the aggressor.

  • EEllis

    I guess they must stand there without moving until he deigns to allow them to pass?
    “Quit pushing,Quit pushing” he says as he tries to shove his way into Michele Bachmann path. Whinny little

  • StockBoyLA

    Oh puhleeze. Don Lemon should stop whining. It’s a crowd and Michele is trying to leave.

    He should just let her leave and keep on walking.

  • dduck

    I hear now that the Vatican has a new Popemobile, the old one is for rent, but you have to pay extra for your logos and slogans by the inch. Palin should look into that, and reporters should not hit grandma with the mike.

  • DLS

    It’s more journalist BS behavior, just like the frequent interruption and shouting at so many press conferences, etc. KEEP BACK

  • Allen

    Poor baby.

    Oh so “disturbing”. But really, nobody wants to engage a Lemon. Such a sour puss.

  • The reporters went too far. I think at this point they are trying to draw a reaction, which violates one of the primary ethical mandates of journalism: “never become part of the story”.

    I think the faltering business model of old-school journalism is making them desperate (and stupid).

  • Allen

    Good Grief it looks like we have all agreed!

    For future reference we are ALL wise to those pushy journalists.

    So take THAT you journalists.

  • Absalon


    This was social, not political violence.

    And I say this as a person that does not think Marcus Bachmann is a human being like the rest of us.

  • JSpencer

    Hmmm… one black person in a sea of white. He probably seemed threatening. Maybe SD could pop in and comment on that.

  • EEllis

    No no JS it was bacause he just came out that they beat him. They were trying to smack the gay out of him and it just didn’t work.

  • slamfu

    Yea, if anyone has a complaint to file there its the Bachmann people. Reporters get stupid rough trying to get in there and then complaining about getting pushed around, gimme a break.

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