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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment, Politics, Society | 1 comment

McConnell’s End: Beauty and the Senate Beast

If Ashley Judd unseats the Senate Minority leader in 2014, could Ugly Americans sue for prejudice? Not if handsome is as handsome does.

Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr., on government payrolls all his life, is now the tenth richest Senate member, with a reported fortune somewhere between $9,839,049 and $44,587,000 in 2010.

In four years he has transformed the Upper House into a minority-deadlocked filibuster machine devoted to “the single most important thing we want to achieve…President Obama to be a one-term president.”

Failing that, McConnell is still ferociously blockading government at the fiscal cliff, even as rational Republicans begin to abandon his lost cause.

McConnell’s time as a D.C. tyrant is clearly running out, but would a movie star (pace Ronald Reagan) make a suitable replacement? The surprising answer is that, compared to the Gipper when he entered elected politics, Ashley Judd looks like Winston Churchill.

Two years ago, she earned a master’s degree from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government after enrolling “to immerse myself in some very serious, earnest, practical learning with people who have literally dedicated all they have to public service.”

Her enrollment followed years of political activism.


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  • zephyr

    And there would always be the added bonus of seeing her face on cable news to replace the woeful countenance of Mitch McConnell spinning his anti-Obama webs.

    Ya got that right bucko. McConnell is typical of career politicians who have lost touch with what is decent or worthwhile in this world. One less bitter and petty tea party oligarch could only be a relief so by all means bring on Ashley Judd. I have no doubt she could kick his sorry ancient arse.

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