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Posted by on Oct 15, 2008 in At TMV, Politics | 7 comments

McCain and Obama: Some Debate Thoughts

Before I get into some comments on tonight’s debate I have a few thoughts for 2012 and beyond.

First off, in order to save us all some time in 2012 they could simply film one debate and then show reruns. They could film it in  front of a bluescreen to allow for different backgrounds and then replay the video. It’s not like anyone actually says anything or changes any answers from debate to debate so why not save the time and energy.

Also, we can do the same thing with the political commentary. If Paul Begala is around in 2028 to report on the debates I can tell you right now he will say <insert the name of Democratic candidate> won the debate and made no mistakes at all while <insert name of Republican candidate> had the worst debate performance ever. At least people like Bob Bennett or James Carville have the tact to periodically praise the opposition or condemn their own.

Looking to tonight, I pretty much have the same reaction I have to the last two events. On points it was pretty much a tossup. If Obama slightly won debate #2 then I think McCain probably won debate #3 and debate #1 was a real draw.

On image I think it depends on who you like. If you are a McCain supporter you probably were turned off by Obama’s smirks and found him condecending. If you are an Obama supporter you were turned off by McCains expressions and found him to be angry or disgruntled.

If you are truly undecided you probably felt both but I doubt it really mattered.

Personally I was again disappointed that neither one really answered any questions. I’m tired of people trying to make the problems we face a partisan blame game. As I’ve discussed before the mess (or messes) we are in are the result of a bipartisan effort over the last 20 years. Trying to paint one side as responsible for all the problems (or worse yet eager to have them) is not helpful.

Basically the debate was another tossup which means that the race is still pretty much over. Obama is likely to be President and likely to have a decent majority in Congress for at least 2 years. Given the current economic and foreign policy problems we face I am reminded of the saying ‘Be careful what you wish for’.

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